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Investing In Sliven

Property in Sliven Bulgaria is excellent value for money as in most of the country at the moment. With all

of the makings of a potential top city, impressive architecture, vineyards, spas, golf and a scenic backdrop, Sliven so far has not yet even boasted about its secret treasure.

It does little to market its wonders, letting people stumble on them instead. Fortunately, Sliven has gradually changed from a forgotten backwater into a vibrant cultural and tourist centre with excellent real estate and property opportunities.

With construction work over the past few years of new shopping malls and office buildings giving a modern feel to the town but still preserving the original, well maintained Revival character of the city for which it is famous.

Sliven is a very beautiful town with a wonderful central pedestrianised area full of shops, cafes and restaurants, with inexpensive property in the city and surrounding villages.

One of its greatest assets is its strategic location, which offers convenient access to the south-eastern part of Bulgaria, the Black Sea and neighbouring Turkey and Greece. It has a well developed infrastructure and communications network, yet property in the area is comparatively inexpensive. There are also well established manufacturing industries like the large glass, textile and metal companies which dominate the business landscape.

For anyone considering a move to Sliven or investment here, the opportunities are countless. Reminiscent of "an inland version of Varna", when Sliven gets its act together and starts its aggressive marketing campaign, this will be an area where tourists including Bulgarians from other areas, flock to spend time.

Sliven's present economy centres on industries which have been there since the early 19th century. Indeed, Sliven used to be one of the country's biggest industrial centres and played a key role in the Bulgarian National Revival. It has long-standing roots in textiles, machine-building, glass-making, chemical production and the food industries. With the rise of Communism in the forties, many industries were nationalised; this spurred a growth in construction and development. Industry prospered during the socialist era, but declined once it collapsed; many businesses and factories were shut down and there was little innovation. Fortunately, Sliven has picked itself out of the doldrums and again has started to thrive. There has been a massive surge in the local economy with increased investment, and the emergence of new industries and banking establishments. The traditional dairy industry is experiencing a large growth in business. The wine industry is now expanding, as you'll quickly witness from the thousands of acres of vines surrounding the town; with investment from leading wine producers like Vinprom and Vini Sliven. Sliven is also home to some lucrative heavy industry including a 3MM factory, which manufactures apparatus used to cut metals. The production of electric lights and machines is also a key business here. Most of Sliven's light industry revolves around the stalwarts of textiles, especially woolen clothing and food.

Sliven has beautiful mountain scenery, and opportunities to ski in nearby Shivachevoit with a far cheaper price tag to that of the famous ski resorts of Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo. There are ample opportunities during the summer for those who love outdoors activities such as camping, hiking and cycling too.

What your money buys

Cheap and cheerful: properties under 10,000 Euros

It is not impossible to find a rural property in need of renovation for as low as 3,500 Euros but beware; a restoration here doesn't just mean a fresh lick of paint and some tender loving care. Bulgarian renovation projects can often cost you far more than you paid for the property.

We found a bargain property at only 6,000 Euros, but in need of renovation 25 km away from Sliven. There is a paved road leading to the property making it approachable throughout winter. This is a one-storey house with three rooms connected by a corridor. There is a traditional outdoor kitchen in the garden making summer entertaining fun. There is also an agricultural building belonging to the property as well. The bathroom and the toilet are both outside. The house is fitted with all the necessary facilities, such as electricity, a septic tank and running water. Both the bathroom and wc are outside so you'd need to put these indoors. All interior works remain to be done. The garden is a large 1,200 sq.m with shrubs, trellis and vine.




Mid-range prices: properties up to 50,000 Euros

There is much to choose from in this price range, but such properties come in a variety of architectural styles and conditions. At the moment there are plenty of restored houses in rural areas for sale at very reasonable prices in Sliven. Of course this is great news for buyers but not so good for those trying to sell resale properties.

There is usually more land included with properties in this price range and they are often ready to move into - that is, if you're not too fussy about living with someone else's taste on decor.

Top of the range: properties of 100,000 Euros and over

The old adage of "you get what you pay for" certainly rings true in the Bulgarian property market.
If you want a luxurious Western standard home with a swimming pool, which needs no additional work and is ready to move into then you have to be prepared to pay that little bit more. Also within this price range it is often the location you pay for, so if you prefer a luxury two bedroom apartment in the city centre it can be over 150 000 Euros.

Start your own business in Sliven

Don't stop your move to Bulgaria because you don't know whether you will be able to earn a living here. There are many business opportunities and business related to tourism could prove to be the right move in this area in years to come. Here Quest Bulgaria has found two potential investments from Bulgarian Propertiesto suit high and low budgets.


1. Restaurant / Bar for sale near Sliven

This property is situated in the centre of a friendly village, only 12 km away from the town of Sliven. The property is 300 sq.m and comprises of a restaurant, a café and a shop. Recently renovated, the property comes with plastered and re-painted walls and ceilings, terracotta flooring and PVC doors. Running water, telephone landline, electricity and septic tank are available. There is a bathroom and toilet in the restaurant and two toilets in the café and in the shop. The bathroom and the toilets are fully fitted. The property includes also two stores-one in the shop and one in the café.
The lovely garden that comes with property is 810 sq. m and it is planted with fruit trees and rye-grass. A parking space for 5 cars is available in the garden. There is a lovely view towards the mountain.
The village offers all amenities needed as various shops, cafes, a church, a school, a health service and etc. Regular bus transport to the nearest town is also available. The region is good for rural tourism, hunting, fishing, rest and recreation. Business opportunity - a restaurant, a cafe and a shop for sale!

Price € 150,600 (502 €/m²) area: 300 sq.m. Garden: 810 sq.m. For sale (KRA 316)


2. Restaurant / Bar for sale near Sliven

Our next offer for the region of Sliven is for this property which is a great opportunity to possess a small family business. It is located on the main road in the outskirts of a friendly village, just 18 km away from the town of Sliven. It is a one- storey restaurant and it offers accommodation of 160 sq. m.
The property consists of three rooms with terracotta floors and storage. Electricity, running water and a septic tank are available. Telephone landline can easily be installed upon request. The bathroom and the toilet are external but it is possible to relocating it inside the main building. There is no furniture and equipment currently available at the property.
There is a garden that comes with the restaurant and it is 1000 sq. m. A parking space for three cars is available also.
The village is very well developed and offers all amenities needed for a comfortable living.

Price € 19,000 (119 €/m²) area: 160 sq.m. Garden: 1000 sq.m. Ref No:KRA 150