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Sunny Beach Bargain Buys

The coastal resort of Sunny Beach offers an 8 km stretch of diaphanous golden sand,


and with over 1,700 hours of sunshine during the summer months it is the perfect choice for sun-worshippers. Natural sand dunes, which hide around 16 rare plant species, surround the beach. Clear, calm, shallow seawater makes the resort ideal for bathing and water sports and the fresh mountain air from the nearby hills infused with that of the sea, makes it a healthy place to stay. At night, the resort comes alive with discos, bars and restaurants catering for all ages and tastes.


Negative press

Past negative press reported voraciously on the over-construction, falling prices due to excessive supply and the creaking infrastructure bowed under the weight of the massive development programmes. A spate of construction started and unfinished from overzealous developers, building further and further away from the heart of the resort.

Still a favourite

Nevertheless Sunny Beach continues to pull crowds every summer and remains Bulgaria's number one beach resort. The Bulgarian property boom began in Sunny Beach, so has it fallen from favour? It appears not, recent figures for summer 2011 from the Bulgarian property market have reported that the Russian's account for 95% of the buyers in Sunny Beach , and with price reductions of up to 50% compared to those back in 2008, buyers are striking whilst there is a huge choice in supply available. Russian investors are low cost buyers and are searching for a black sea holiday home between the price range of 18 000 - 40 000 euros, but with flexibility from sellers many are spending an average price of 20 000 - 25 000 euros.

Property prices for summer 2011

The average property prices at the moment for a Sunny beach apartment are between 600 - 1200 euros per sq m for buildings on the side of the resort, and away from the hustle and bustle. Suitable for those who are seeking a quieter, more relaxed family holiday yet with close proximity to all amenities.

BESTBGPROPERTIES have apartments for sale situated in Sunny Beach from 22 000 euros only 2 km away from the ancient city of Nessebar and its historical and architectural sight. This is a contemporary complex with superb architectural style combined with luxurious and functional facilities such as fitness hall, massage centre, hairdresser, internet hall, stores and outdoor pool with open bar and currency exchange. The complex has 6 floors and 4 sectors.

If deciding to buy in Sunny Beach points to consider

Buy in Sunny Beach because you love the resort - if you are buying for personal use and you can envisage years of happy family or singles holidays here, then you have nothing to worry about.

Buy a property you would be happy to live in yourself even if you intend to rent it out.

Buy quality not quantity - this means if you prefer close proximity to the beach, a luxurious setting with excellent facilities and amenities. A fifteen-minute walk to the beach may not seem like much on a cool spring day, but in summer temperatures of 40 degrees, it is sheer torture.

Villa properties are hard to come by and represent good investments providing they offer stunning views, enclosed landscaped gardens with a pool and patio area and are within easy reach of the resort and beach.

With the growing influx of foreign visitors from neighbouring countries like Romania, exclusive villa properties will be in demand for seasonal rentals.

See views a must

Apartment buyers in Sunny Beach should tread carefully and do their due diligence into which property developers have completed projects under their belt, which are reputable and have all of the correct building permissions in place and which areas of Sunny Beach as well as which property types actually represent a sound investment opportunity.

Sea views are a must, neat interiors and on-site facilities are also essential. Some astute developers have affiliated with some of the leading tour operators and offer potential purchasers guaranteed holiday-let income as a result - ensure you see a copy of their agreement with the tour operator before you commit to buy.

Re sales represent good buys here and may be one of the few ways to get a frontline apartment: a fully furnished, one-bedroom, frontline apartment resale is possible to find these days as some people are selling due to the credit crunch and financial difficulties back home. Whilst apartments such as this represent a substantial investment, its location and rental possibilities mean it will appreciate in price over the medium to long term.


One thing for sure is that there is a lot of choice. Sunny Beach might not be for everyone but for others it offers the opportunity for their dream summer holiday home on the sea. Don't be put off by adverse publicity if you love Sunny Beach, buy here for all of the right reasons and you won't be disappointed.