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Buy in Elhovo - Land of Big Skies

If you want peace and quiet off the beaten track yet close to the coast, Greece and Turkey - this area is perfect. A friendly environment in sunny south east Bulgaria with vast fields and big skies! Known for its nature and wildlife with hunting and fishing this is a family friendly area. From lots of the houses you can see Greece or Turkey from your front door, so the climate is good, being mild in winter and not too hot in the summer months. This is an ideal place to escape from a busy and dynamic life, particularly suitable for those who would like to live in harmony with nature.

This is a prime area for anyone looking to spend less than 50,000 euros on a renovated property. Arriving in Elhovo you find a small town in delightful rolling countryside - it’s like stepping back in time in the UK.

Despite it’s laid back appearance you’ll discover there is a buzz of activity in the town, particularly on Saturday mornings, with British couples in the cafes meeting up for a coffee and a chat.

Of course, in such a rural area not many village locals speak English so you’ll certainly quickly get to grips with the Cyrillic alphabet and speaking Bulgarian - a great way to really integrate. You’ll also pick up skills from the local residents such as how to make your own rakia! The roads are often good but sometimes really bad so be prepared for some vast potholes. Also, be ready also for the warm welcome from local villagers who are genuinely happy to meet you.

You might think this an unlikely area to have become so popular with house buyers from overseas but the name of Elhovo has become synonymous with those in search of rural villas. The mayor is particularly delighted with the incoming foreigners and welcomes their presence. The area suffered high unemployment in the past and many younger people left. Now, with overseas buyers coming in this is all changing and pointing to a rosier future.

Outside of Elhovo itself, the region can be very reminiscent of the Dales in Britain with picturesque villages dotted here and there amidst the hills. The region has become very popular with many British purchasers for its friendly people and its incredible value for money. You can still buy properties in this area from 25,000 pounds for a four bedroom house with about 4,000 sq.m. of garden. If you are looking to renovate the house you’ll be pleasantly surprised how reasonably priced the builders are in this region too. Overall, the area of Elhovo is a shrewd investment for more properties see Bargain Property Sales.

Interest is on the up and particularly in the summer time when there are more buyers around so you need to be prepared to move quickly if you see something you like (but don’t lose your head and rush!). Most of the properties in the region are in need of some works and some need quite a lot of renovation it is possible to buy a property for as little as 3,000 euro`s. The key then is to find as ever location, location, location - try and pick a house in a nice village or with a good view.
With most of the houses coming with very large gardens, it is worth thinking about how to handle this if you are not going to be living there all the time and budget in a bit more than usual for property maintenance.
If you want a lovely home in a rural friendly part of Bulgaria, then you could hardly make a better choice!

Investment pros and cons
Pros: pretty rural areas, proximity to the Black Sea coast, access via main international roads, price of property
Cons: undeveloped rental market for those wishing to rent their homes

Elhovo is a very pleasant town not far from the Greek/Turkish border. Many British have seen the potential of this hide-away area of Bulgaria and now live there for that very reason.

Tucked away in the the southeast region, Elhovo is only an hour or so to the Black Sea coast and a couple of hours the other direction to the skiing resorts. It sits in an area very much unaffected by tourism. A quiet Bulgarian country life is all around and it is also on the doorstep of the beautiful Strandzha National Park, one of the best kept secrets in Bulgaria. Property prices are still considered to be fantastic value for money and a good investment.

Why have some may British taken this town and area to their heart? Well, with the foreigners now living there the infrustructure of the town has change dramatically over the last few years. All the facilities that foreigners want are now there: good communication channels including internet facilities, good links by road with a regular bus service linked to the rest of the country. The international Airport of Bourgas is less than two hours away by road with air links all around the world. The town centre has seen many new businesses and a good community in the area with many social activities. Post Offices and new Banks have opened in the town. There are many shops including a supermarket with all the provisions you would need. Some fast food joints have now been set up and many bars and cafes with their smart outdoor seating areas give the town centre a French feel in the summers. Also many of the town's people now speak English so there are not many problems with communication. With all this it still retains the essential Bulgarian atmosphere with the street flower sellers and little agricultural stores still trading well - in fact thriving on the new business coming into town.

There are a few Roma communities around the area but no greater than anywhere else in Bulgaria but they seem to live happily hand in hand with Bulgarians and foreigners in the region. Elhovo has many villages scattered around in beautiful countryside and there you will find idyllic village life yet within easy reach of town life and nightlife if you want it. What's more, at a price most can afford. If you want to get away totally from any British community based Bulgaria, and many people do, this is not the place for you! However, if it is Bulgarian life you want with the reassurance of knowing there is a British community to fall back on if slightly out of your Bulgarian depth then this is very much the region to choose’.

The population is about 15,000 and Elhovo is set on the left bank of the Tundzha River. 339 kms south-east of Sofia, 37 kms south of Yambol and 94 kms south-west of the Black Sea coast city of Bourgas.
Part of the district of Yambol, the countryside is rolling with large fields and slopes. Where the Tundzha River passes through the southern part it forms a picturesque canyon with steep valleys making this a particularly attractive part.
As for the weather, the average January temperature is zero degrees and the average July temperature is about 25 degrees. Rain is rare in July and August.
There are four groupings of villages in the municipality of Elhovo
North - five villages of Kirilovo, Boyanovo, Zhrebino, Stroino, Borissovo
West - four villages of Izgrev, Pchela, Trankovo, Malak Manastir
South-east - six villages of Dobrich, Malomirovo, Chernozem, Lalkovo, Slaveikovo, Razdel
South - six villages of Granitovo, Melnitsa, Valcha Polyana, Malko Kirilovo, Golyam Dervent, Lessovo