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Buying in Bulgarian Wine Towns

As wine tourism grows and Bulgaria’s reputation in the international wine world increases, property in one of the many wine towns becomes an attractive investment option and the best news is that there are still plenty of bargains to be found. Bulgaria’s best wine towns are set in scenic rural locations, which provide many opportunities for year round holidays and business opportunities.

Melnik This gem of all wine towns is reputed to be the most romantic town in Bulgaria. Located on a steep hillside, it is a protected area full of magnificent, well-preserved houses and churches and surrounded by breathtaking scenery including the infamous sand pyramids. It is the smallest town in Bulgaria with around 230 inhabitants, yet its reputation for the robust red wine produced here is legendary.

However, not only quality wine production makes this picture postcard town a fantastic location. Melnik’s close proximity to a wide range of tourist facilities from the ski resorts to the spa towns mean that it is an ideal base for a holiday home or business. Average prices in the town are around 50,000 euros with regulated land prices starting at 8 euros a sq. m. There are still plenty of renovation projects in this area, but prices for turnkey, high-end western style villas start at 80,000 euros.


Liaskovets is located 3 km southeast of Gorna Oryahovitsa close to the historical city of Veliko Tarnovo. It is an old vine-growing region still famed for its exquisite wine production, which attracts many tourists on the multitude of wine tours currently on offer here. The attractive, stone Lyaskovets winery is renowned for its natural sparkling wine, top quality dessert wines and champagne and hosts regular tastings particularly through the holiday season, when coach loads of wine-hungry visitors flock here to marvel the magnificent architecture and sample the delights of the winery. Revival architecture flourishes here and the town’s picturesque centre consists of around 80 traditionally built homes grouped along five tiny streets. The churches in this town contain some exquisite icons and woodcarvings and are a tourist attraction in their own right. Additionally the Museum of History and the unique Museum of Gardening, make this town an interesting place to live. Property is still low in price with family sized homes in good condition starting at around 30,000 euros.


Brestovitsa village lies in the scenic Thracian Lowlands, 15 km from Bulgaria’s second largest city, cosmopolitan Plovdiv. It is renowned for its tasty red wine and is home to one of the country’s leading boutique wine producers, Todoroff, who run a wine and spa complex here. The town is growing into quite a tourist trap with its wonderful programme of folk dancing, music and demonstrations of traditional crafts, where local women teach visitors about their weaving, knitting, embroidery and spinning.

Brestovitsa is also home to more than a third of all of Bulgaria’s preserved national vine plantations. The village itself has a well-developed infrastructure and a host of amenities ranging from bars and cafes to a post office. Its close proximity to Plovdiv makes it an ideal holiday home destination. Prices in the area are still exceptionally low at around 40,000 euros for a habitable family villa, but they will not stay this way for long.