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Bulgarian Border Towns

Imagine spending the day shopping in Bucharest, lounging on the Greek beaches of the Aegean Sea, sightseeing in Istanbul or lunching in Skopje. When it comes to buying property in Bulgaria, towns and cities along the Bulgarian borders are often overlooked.

Bulgaria borders five countries; Romania lies to the north mainly along the River Danube, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west and Greece and Turkey to the south. The cities and the scenery on the borders are both unique and stunning. Read on, to get the most out of your Bulgarian property search, and make sure you search the far corners of this fascinating country.

Of the numerous towns and villages on the Romanian border one stands out amongst the rest. The delightful city of Rousse lies on the River Danube and has 162,128 inhabitants, and is 50 metres above sea level. It is more famously known as ‘Little Vienna’ thanks to its ancient architecture and wonderful scenery. Best of all, Rousse is only an hour and a half drive to the centre of the Romanian capital, Bucharest. The city has many patriotic museums including the Pantheon of the National Revival Heroes and the Town Museum of History. Property in Rousse reflects the age of the city; there are plenty of very traditional white-walled affairs with average prices ranging from 30,000.

Other notable Bulgarian – Romanian border towns include Vidin, which has a regular ferry crossing to Romania’s Calafat, Silistra, which is a short hop to Bucharest and home to a lovely nature park at Srebarna and Durankulak on the northern Black Sea coast which provides easy access to the Romanian coastal port of Constanta and the Romanian beach resorts of Mamaia and Eforie.

The fascinating town of Kardzhali lies to the south west of Bulgaria, bordering Greece around an hour’s drive from the beaches. It is 275 m above sea level with a population of 63,615. Kardzhali is located in the lower eastern part of the stunning Rhodope Mountains and the Arda River runs straight through this beautiful place offering some of the best scenery in Bulgaria. For those keen on spa facilities, there is the spa resort of Haskovski Mineralni Bani and plenty of archaeological delights including the ancient tomb of Orpheus. The area is also ideal for hunting, cycling, walking or just spending time with its friendly people. The styles of houses are very unique to Kardzhali; they are very spacious, but the majority will require some renovation work and not every home will have a garden. The price for a home suitable for a family of four start from 45,000 euro`s.

Another notable Greek border town is the wine town of Melnik in the southwest Pirin Mountains, which is a protected architectural. When Melnik became a part of Bulgaria in 1913 it had a large Greek population that was immediately summoned home to Greece on the express orders of the Greek government, who even supplied cars and carts to help the Greek population move their possessions. On their journey back to Greece, the Greeks burnt every Bulgarian village that they passed through. Today Melnik is a thriving tourist spot due to its unique architecture and the nearby Rozhen Monastery.

The town is also associated with the impressive natural sand pyramids, which resemble giant mushrooms and old towers. It is an hour’s drive from the Greek city of Serres, which is surrounded by lush forests and parks and contains some impressive castle ruins. Average property prices in Melnik stand at around 49,000 euros.

A town close to Turkey well worth considering is that of Malko Turnovo, which lies in the southeast 5 km from the Turkish border on the main route to Istanbul. It is a former copper mining town, which lies in a valley surrounded by the Strandzha Mountains. It is a pretty town with much in the way of Revival architecture.


Kyustendil lies on a major road which links to the main motorway to the Macedonian capital Skopje. It lies to the very west of Bulgaria, 80 km from Sofia and 69 km from the city of Blagoevgrad and a mere 22 km from the Macedonian border. It has a population of 58,059 and is a national spa resort at an altitude of 500 m with over 40 mineral springs with waters containing considerable amounts of healing sulfite compounds.

The town has a spectacular location at the foot of the Osogovo Mountain, spread across both banks of the Banska River. It is also famed for its fruit growing. One dominant site in the town is remains of the ancient Roman fortress, which contains some impressive basilicas and floor mosaics. Average house prices in the area are around 23,400 euros.

Another notable Bulgarian – Macedonian border town is the thriving city of Blagoevgrad, situated on the banks of the Blagoevgradska Bistritsa River at the foot of the Rila and Pirin mountains ranges.

Montana is a town on the northwest side of Bulgaria, and it is the main centre of the region known as the Montana Province. It is situated 50km south of the River Danube 30 km from the Serbian border. It has a population of 54,932 and lies 135 m above sea level on the banks of the River Ogosta.

The Historical Museum in the centre of the town is home to over 50,000 exhibits ranging from ceramics and glass to a large selection of photographs and historic documents. The buildings in the city are based on Roman designs: long structures with flat roofs and houses follow the same style. Houses in Montana cost from 40,000 euros and a house suitable for a family of four will cost toward the higher end of this price range.

Don't forget the town of previously mentioned Vidin, which is in the enviable position of being close to Romania and an hour from the historic town of Nis in Serbia. Vidin is also the natural gateway to Bulgaria, with much trafffic and tourists coming to this wonderful city.