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Location, Location, Location

The catchall phrases of the real estate industry, and the importance of this old adage is that it applies to every property market in the world. Naturally, when you are buying property back home, you tend to have a good knowledge of the marketplace, particularly if you are moving within the town you already live in. Most towns and cities have their renowned up-market area, their council ghetto and their up-and-coming sectors, but how do you pick a prime location in a country you do not know very well? Quest Bulgaria lists those areas to look out for when investing in property here.


Coastal Coves

If you are thinking of buying on the coast then you should be looking for land or property with a sea view. Of course, such real estate already commands higher prices, but sea-view villas will always be sought after and thus hold their price. One point to bear in mind, when you have found your sea-view investment is whether anyone can build in front of you and obstruct that view in the future. Don’t trust your agent when he says that no-one can build in front of you. Planning laws change and a piece of deserted agricultural land can easily become a regulated plot. If you are buying holiday property in one of the beach resorts then buy on the frontline and make sure you have a sea-view as no other buildings can be erected in front of you and the property’s location in the heart of the resort will always be popular.

Mountain Marvels

Bulgaria’s main mountain ranges contain many idyllic villages, but many are located in the middle of nowhere. Whilst you may crave peace and quiet, the resale market for such properties is small. Close proximity and easy access to a ski resort, golf complex or spa facility will make your location much more desirable. A panoramic view is also a must and should not be obstructed by other dwellings or eyesores such as graveyards or sewerage works. If you are buying in a ski resort, buy as close as possible to the ski lift. Most people who take ski holidays are recreational skiers and do not relish the idea of a long hike from the lift to their apartment.

City Stoppers

If you are thinking of investing in one of Bulgaria’s ever-growing cities then buy in the heart of the city close to a cultural attraction. Buying in Plovdiv‘s Old Town or opposite Varna’s Sea Garden will always attract buyers. Avoid those areas full of old Communist panel block apartments or any area of a city, which does not have excellent public transport links. Old properties in the heart of a town or city, which still retain their original architectural features are a must as are newly built penthouses.

Museum Madness

Bulgaria’s museum towns like Kotel and Shiroka Laka attract hundreds of visitors each year. They are dubbed Museum Towns because a portion of the town contains houses, which have retained their original architectural style as though they were part of a museum display. Town’s like Kotel have a dedicated architectural reserve containing well-maintained, traditional, wooden houses from the National Revival period. These are the properties to buy in a museum town and whilst they may need some tender love and care in terms of restoration, once completed they will yield dividends.

Wine Wonders

Bulgaria is split into five different wine regions and within each of these regions there are many famous towns renowned for their quality wines. Many of Bulgaria’s wine towns also have many other attractions; indeed Melnik is not only famous for its fine wine but also as a museum town. Properties in wine towns should overlook the vineyards and contain some original character to blend in with the natural surroundings. A point to note is that just because a wine is produced in a town, it may not necessarily fall under our definition of a wine town. Wine towns have vines growing aplenty in full view of the local populous and they don’t have massive metal wineries obstructing the view!

Lakeland Lovelies

Buying a property overlooking a lake or scenic reservoir is another property hotspot well worth considering, but again you need to take into account the lake’s proximity to civilization and whether any activities can be undertaken on the lake such as boating, fishing or jet-skiing. The more activities a lake has to offer the more potential it offers to the properties surrounding it. As with coastal property, ensure that your lake view is and will remain uninterrupted.

Cultural Kings

Bulgaria is experiencing a massive rise in cultural tourism particularly from visitors from neighbouring countries who drive over for a weekend to explore the rich heritage Bulgaria has to offer. It is difficult to find properties within easy walking distance to many historic sites, but not impossible; Veliko Tarnovo has many charming properties close to its historic landmarks as does Balchik. Again if buying close to a cultural site, ensure your property has a picturesque view that is not blighted by other buildings.

Spa Sense

Bulgaria is home to hundreds of natural mineral spas and like wine towns, these places often offer many architectural charms as well as the proximity to healing mineral water. Spa tourism has been popular in Western European countries like Germany and Sweden for decades and many people from these nations build their holidays around spa treatments. If buying in a spa town, ensure that the spa facilities are well developed and check on future potential that will put them on the map. Choose a property with a good view of the natural environment and guarantee that your view will not be spoilt by new developments.

Golfing Greats

Golf is one of the most popular sports globally and one that attracts high income earners of all ages. Golf courses are springing up across the country with alacrity and many complexes are only allowing property owners and their guests or tenants to use the course and the complex’s facilities. Enthusiasm for the sport is also growing across Eastern Europe and golfing properties are being snapped up with great speed. If you are buying on a golf complex, buy a property with a view of the course

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