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Property Focus - Blagoevgrad - Improvements to the Infrastructure


Improvements to the infrastructure continue

EU funding is pouring into this region with future improvements to road and rail communications likely in the near future. The Struma motorway, which is already under construction, will connect Sofia with the Greek border and the city and port of Thessaloniki. Another major project, designed to have a positive effect on the areas fortune is the 30 million Euro construction of an airport at Bansko.
Locally architects believe that the town will expand outwards in the direction of Balarbashi and Elenovo. Development could also extend out towards the Rila Mountain where intensive development is already in progress with the Plazha district. Some foresighted investors are already snapping up land in these areas many with the expectation of a new ski centre Kartala and the development of a tourist resort at Bodrodst, which lies 30 km east of Blagoevgrad and is the entry point to the Rila National Park.