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Pleven Investment

Pleven is the administrative seat of Pleven municipality, which forms Pleven Province. It is made up of 23 villages and 2 towns. Pleven is another of Bulgaria’s little-known gems. It lies in the North of the country in the Danubian Plain close to the Rivers Tuchenitza, Vit and of course the Danube. The town centre is full of delightful renovated neo- classical buildings painted in a stylish palette of gay pastel tones. Wide open spaces and tree-lined boulevards abound making it a pleasant place to relax, shop and enjoy Bulgarian life. The countryside surrounding the town is particularly scenic, with rugged limestone hills known as the Pleven Heights, endless lush green valleys and picturesque, unspoilt villages. Its close proximity to Sofia, Lovech, Veliko Turnovo and the Romanian border makes it an ideal place for business. The town is packed with cultural places of interest and recreational facilities particularly for sports.

Pleven’s climate is a temperate continental with long scorching summers. The area is renowned for vine growing and wine production here is increasing rapidly. Fields are full of golden corn and sunflowers; orchards are plentiful with apples, pears, quince, cherry and apricots.

Originally, an agricultural area, Pleven has grown into an important economic region and is attracting significant amounts of investment from a diverse range of big name investors, retailers and industries.

During the Soviet era, Pleven was a key centre for of oil processing, metalworking, machine construction and light industry. The fall of Communism spurred an economic crisis to the region and many industries became defunct. Tourism, which attracted people from all over the Soviet bloc collapsed and for the next decade Pleven sank into oblivion.

Pleven’s rise from the ashes

Pleven’s fortune changed with the dawn of the new millennium. Light industry began to grown, particularly in the realms of knitwear and clothing and suddenly unemployment started to decrease to. The city has attracted a number of foreign investments including Billa, Kaufland, Lidl, Carrefour, Metro, Praktiker, Technopolis and Technomarket. Over the last five years, investment in Pleven has increased at a rate of 120% each year.

Pleven municipality has been shrewd in the way that it has conducted business; most companies setting up in the area are encouraged to make a donation to improve the infrastructure. When German supermarket chain Billa commenced construction, it donated 250,000 Leva towards such improvements.

Pleven continues to attract big names and create more work, making it an ideal area for property investment. The Turkish company, Sarten has invested 20 million Leva in a factory specialising in plastic and packaging. World Wines LLC has invested 12 million Leva to develop vine planting and wine production in the region. Niya Ltd invested 9.2 million Euros by remodelling the former bank building into a 11,000 sq. m. shopping mall.

Prices are still substantially lower than in more renowned areas of Bulgaria making it a potential investment hot spot.

More and more foreigners are moving to and buying property in and around Pleven and there are numerous opportunities still available for good investment returns. The number of international visitors to the area has increased dramatically in the last five years; here’s what some of them had to say on their first visit to the region:

Sarah from Chicago Illinois said, “Pleven is the best city in Bulgaria. The city is so beautiful. It has a lot of historic markers that you can see and lot of places that you can visit, The people in Pleven are wonderful. I like Pleven!”

Kim from Beijing, China believes that Pleven is one of the best cities in Bulgaria and is particularly enamoured by the city’s historic monuments especially the Panorama Epopee. He recounts, “The people are kind and the atmosphere is the best. The main street is full of coffee houses and people having a rest and sitting down with their friends for a cup of coffee. If you go to the downtown area then you will see lots of people hanging around with their friends people eating ice cream. I’ve had the best experience ever. If anybody goes to Bulgaria then go to Pleven its the best.”

What money can buy in Pleven

Pleven offers a host of exciting opportunities for investment property, land is cheap and large plots are in abundance. Renovation projects in idyllic villages overlooking rolling hills and pasture land are plentiful and prices start from as little as 7 330 euro's. If  you prefer a renovated house in surrounding villages these too offer superb value and prices for a small house start from 20 000 euro's.

Pleven offers favourable conditions and opportunities for those considering setting up businesses here. For more details on what is available read more in our Bargain Property Sales.