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Property in Rousse

If you’re looking for a more western European ambience and architectural style combined with an easy place to live, then the city of Rousse and the surrounding region could be just the place for you to buy your Bulgarian property.

Rousse is one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful cities with stunning and brilliant Austrian style architecture.

It is less rustic and more manicured than it’s neighbour, Veliko Turnovo, which is just down the road, and has excellent facilities, plenty of restaurants, bars, hotels and shopping.... and good value property.

The surrounding villages are still working villages and have generally not been deserted so agricultural activity is busier than elsewhere in much of Bulgaria.

Given its location on the right bank of the River Danube, it has a strategic position and has become a natural communication hub and key transport centre for major European routes. The city has traditions in culture, art and education but also has well developed industry and trade.

Currently this is the one and only bridge on the Danube, however completion of the second crossing between Vidin- Calafat known as Danube Bridge 2 is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

It’s an easy place to live on a permanent basis, having doctors, good roads and really excellent shopping. Access is easy via the international airport at Bucharest, with a fast, good road from the city to Rousse.



- good services and excellent shopping with delightful pedestrian area
- unspoilt countryside
- cheap property
- the River Danube
- city has relaxed laid back atmosphere with cafe culture


- distance to nearest airport within Bulgaria - although the open EU border with Romania means a fast easy journey of just 65 kms to Bucharest international airport
- can be quite a lot of mosquitoes near the river in summer

The Rousse Property Market

In the city
Overall there is a strong demand for apartments and houses in the centre and near the River Danube (Boulevard Pridunavski); demand is also high in the residential area of Vazrazdane (‘Renaissance’) with its big park.

Town houses in the quiet parts of the centre are very desirable and so in short supply thus tending to be expensive. Two-bedroom apartments are popular and average prices in town are from as little as 300 euros a sq.m.


In the countryside
Outside of the city, pretty villages with varied properties are also in demand. Fewer foreigners have bought here compared with the Stara Planina mountain range and prices reflect this. With a countryside of rolling hills, small wooded valleys and arable lands it is very reminiscent of England.

Hot spots: Cherven, Bojichen, Krasen, Ivanovo and Koshov plus villages inside Roussenski Park with views. Prices are anything from 6,000 to 70,000 plus euros

We spoke to specialists in the Rousse area, about what they find is popular and available in this area with British purchasers. They say that one of the joys of the city is that you are never far from the countryside and the nearby villages offer property buyers rural tranquility.

Cherven - the key medieval town of Northeast Bulgaria in the 14th century. Because of the great historical importance of this place property prices start from 20,000 euros for an old house that needs complete renovation. The nearest villages Koshov and Tabachka are also of great interest.

Ivanovo village is preferred by people who consider close proximity to the city as one of the most important features together with excellent roads for access. Property prices are similar to these in Cherven, Koshov and Tabachka.

Basarbovo Rock Monastery is 12 km from Rousse and again offers good property opportunities.

There are numerous villages near the Orlova Chuka cave including Chilnov, Ostrica, Shirokovo and Pepelina. There is a greater supply of properties in these villages and this, combined with being a little further away from the city, means prices are lower. Surrounding the villages are fields of sunflowers during summer. You can find old rustic houses starting from just 5,000 euros but of course needing full renovation. For under 50,000 euros an excellent property can be bought in these areas.

The Lipnik Forest Park is the city’s closest recreation area. The most expensive properties in this area are in Nikolovo village which stands on a lake and offers excellent views. Prices there normally start from 70,000 euros for a big modern house with stunning panorama. In this area most of the houses have been recently built and are more luxurious in comparison with the old styled houses along the Roussenski Lom River Valley.