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Buying a House in Bulgaria - Vidin

Buying a house in Bulgaria - Vidin. The area of north-west Bulgaria is often overlooked by property purchasers which is quite surprising as this corner of the country has some of the lowest property prices available. The geographical situation of the Vidin region has been favourable for centuries and is the reason why it has developed as a trade and cultural centre. The region is Bulgaria’s most important artery and gate to Europe and covers an area of 3,022 sq. km. with 141 settlements.

It is connected to all parts of the country by rail, road and of course the Danube. The E79 international road goes through here, linking to Montana, Vratza and Sofia.

Apart from the important road system, the rail system is another factor, not to mention that there is a civil airport on the outskirts of Vidin which could eventually be an airport which may be opened for cheap flights?

Reasons for buying a house in Bulgaria - Vidin

The region is bounded by the Danube River to the north and the Republic of Serbia to the west. The relief of the region varies with these natural zones within
- the Danube Lowlands comprising the waterfront areas at Vidin, Archar and Orsoya
- the hilly Danube Plain with mostly agricultural crops such as grain, sunflowers..
- the Northern Balkan with an altitude of 200 to 800m from Vrushka Chouka to the foot of the Balkan mountains where Rabisha Hill and Belogradchik Rocks are situated.

With its strategic position and diverse landscape, purchasers are starting to cotton on to the region and this area looks set to expand. Property prices are still stable as the expansion of the town encourages local buyers as well as foreign purchasers.

So, what else makes this a good place to invest?

Vidin town

The main benefit is the location - with the Danube river, the second largest river in Europe, which offers good holiday and tourism possibilities such as watersports, fishing, etc. - major tourist attractions, plus many fortresses and caves also highlighting the eco-tourism potential of this region.

One of the most important things to note is the construction of a new bridge over the Danube which will connect Vidin to the Romanian town of Calafat on the opposite bank.

The European transport route number four is the shortest way from the countries of Western Europe to those in Central and Eastern Europe. One of the country’s priorities was to construct a highway which will connect Thessalonica in Greece with Sofia and then the cities of Vidin and Lom. 

This will undoubtedly boost this area into an even more significant transportation point in Europe and encourage both local and international businesses plus generate more tourism.

Buying a house in Bulgaria - Vidin region also has a duty free zone and a national plan for development and restructuring of the local economy, which has the full support of the local business community. In terms of business it is an excellent place with its good infrastructure, network of shops, qualified workforce and fostering of foreign investments.

Two bedroom apartments in downtown are particularly popular and much sought after. Supply is lower than demand with regard to houses in the city and thus prices are fairly high for this type of property.


Outside of Vidin itself, the village of Chuprene, 75 kms to the south, is predominantly an agricultural area. The nature reserve of some 15 hectares is protected under UNESCO and offers all the pre-requisites for eco-tourism and alternative holidays.

Hotspot villages in this area include Varbovo, Turgovishte, Protopopintzi, Sredogriv, Replayana, Gorni Lom and Dolni Lom. In general this ecologically clean environment favours many tourism activities including hunting and angling, hiking, horse riding, etc., so great for setting up a holiday business.

The main types of tourism which this area would be suitable for are:
- Traditional and Cultural tourism: Vidin, Belogradchik, fortresses, monasteries
- Rural: rocks, caves
- Fishing: Danube River and other man-made lakes

Prices for rural property range from 5,000 euros upwards depending upon the property. It is possible to buy a habitable small detached house with a good size garden in the villages for 20,000 euros.

This whole area is less popular with property purchasers and most often head for the Black Sea and ski resorts or the very popular places such as Veliko Turnovo. However, with easy access and attractive villages, plus the bonus of the Danube River, this could be an excellent time to take a better look at this region when considering buying a house in Bulgaria.