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Knockout Bulgarian Property Purchase

A real KO property buy in Bulgaria for Carl Froch, the WBC Super Middle Weight Champion. Whilst he is a boxing world champ, Carl, 31 years of age and a local lad from Nottingham, is also a keen property investor with a diverse portfolio of UK and overseas projects. He has chosen to invest in Bulgaria with Aston Lloyd developers in their two real estate projects in Sofia, Bulgaria. Quest Bulgaria had an exclusive interview with the boxing champion about his Bulgarian property purchase.

"I didn't want to just put my money in the bank and get a little interest; I wanted my money to provide a better return. The hotel concept is really appealing and I've bought at the Aston Hotel Sofia project for corporate purposes and investment returns."

Carl believes that the Aston Hotel project is of serious interest to those who want a solid low entry investment which is likely to net him a 10% return. You can buy a hotel room for as little as one month of the year with an investment of only 10,000 euros. Your return comes from rentals of your room during your 30 day ownership. The total number of days you own are spread throughout the four seasons giving you ample opportunity to receive maximum returns.

It's impressive

"The overseas market is so much better than the UK for real estate and property invesmtent. There is a lack of hotels in Sofia and the location which Aston Lloyd have chosen for the hotel is opposite to the Capital 68 development where I have also bought an apartment. They are developing a really nice village with both projects having all facilities. To be frank, it's really impressive", Carl told us.

The Aston Hotel Sofia is one of the first in its class of premium investment opportunities. Located in the thriving region of Kostinbrod, the Aston Sofia is to be built on a 40,000 square metre site adjacent to Aston Lloyd’s popular Capital 68 apartments.

A 58 room four star luxury hotel with a restaurant, bar, beauty parlour, conference centre, fitness facilities and more, the Aston Sofia is expected to become the hotel of choice for tourists, foreign workers and locals alike. Furthermore, Aston Lloyd is proposing to build a business park over a 20,000 sq m plot in Quarter 3 of 2009.

The hotel initiative offers investors 28 days per year of potential room income. Earning you 50% of the revenue from your allocated room; Aston Lloyd is guaranteeing a 6% yield in your first year. For an entry level investment of just €3,500, investors are guaranteed a 6% return in the first 12 months of operation on projected figures of just 43% occupancy and €100 (room) and €150 (suite) room rates.

The UK is taking a beating

However, based on in-depth research into comparable developments, and using economic projection figures, Aston Lloyd are confidently predicting a potential 12% growth in room rates each year and a 70% occupancy level over the first four years of operation. Additionally, the investment schedule is conveniently spread over the 18 months leading up to construction (May 2010), with the final payment due on completion in November 2011.

Carl already has a solid UK property portfolio so knows a fair bit about the industry and the returns one can expect but he is looking for bigger returns.

"The UK is seeing a massive decline in growth and the financial markets are taking a beating as we all know. I researched online a great deal before choosing this project in Bulgaria and the company. you can lose so much if the developer is not correct, not getting the right planning permissions and so on.

Joe Upchurch, the Managing Director, is very professional - in fact he's a guru in his field. I took lots of other professional advice before I chose his company, even trying to trip him up but I never could. He's straight talking and so am I. I've never visited Bulgaria so I had to put a lost of trust in him. I'm excited by the potential returns in this markets and how I can use this investment in the medium and long term to prepare for my future.

Bulgaria is growing quickly, with new companies moving in, new people are attracted to the area, and there is a lot of opportunity there. This is something I want to be a part of, the people who are looking now are people who missed the boom years in the UK, and want to make the most of the next one, which is taking place in areas such as Sofia, Bulgaria."

Aston Hotel Sofia project by developers Aston Lloyd

Carl Froch, WBC Super Middle Weight Champion, nicknamed "The Cobra",official website