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Award-winning Property Investment Ticks All the Boxes

One of the problems facing anyone who wants to invest in new and off plan property in Bulgaria is the uncertainty surrounding the developer they are dealing with. In order to ensure that your investment in Bulgaria is successful and runs smoothly, you need to choose a developer with a good track record in the Bulgarian marketplace, and often there is little background information available.

Overseas property investment specialist, Obelisk, has a passion for excellence and the company’s determination to offer superior standards and high professionalism at all stages of property investment has reaped its rewards: Obelisk has received the high accolade of International Property Specialist of the Year 2008, awarded by Business Britain Magazine.

Business Britain Magazine, a bi-monthly executive guide to business, presented their annual awards in September, covering 10 key business areas including a dedicated property category. The International Property Specialist of the Year award is bestowed according to 7 rigorous criteria, covering a number of different areas pertinent to the overseas property investment industry.

These criteria include the range of investment portfolio and locations offered as investments, client relations, effectively the ongoing support offered in terms of additional services to assist the buyer, return on investment (ROI) offered to the client and proven knowledge of the marketplace.

Fundamental to the Obelisk way of thinking is total commitment to clients’ requirements and wishes and the company’s absolute priority is to ensure that clients receive tailor-made investments. Regular market research carried out among Obelisk clients guarantees continually up-dated information about investors’ needs and wishes.

In addition to their projects in Bulgaria, Obelisk are also involved in overseas property investment in Romania, Slovakia and Northern Cyprus – all of these locations were selected for their ability to create wealth through property investment. James Gonzales, Obelisk’s market analyst explains, “ Bulgaria has seen exceptional growth in its property market over the last 2 years with price rises of 68% and a massive increase in the supply of housing stock. However, the market has become less buoyant recently and in some areas, there is danger of over-supply. This is particularly the case with some Black Sea resorts where excess supply and inflated prices have led to a slowdown in the property market. However, I believe that with careful research into a location, Bulgaria still represents an interesting investment option. High-end properties in large cities, for example, Sofia, are well worth investigating.” 

Part and parcel to Obelisk’s high standards is the obtaining of in-depth and thoroughly researched information about investment destinations. Obelisk’s comprehensive research includes country economies, national property markets, tourist industry trends and financial developments such as mortgage products and tax regulations, all essential elements to property investment.

Obelisk firmly believes that only after comprehensive research should an investment decision be made. Obelisk also produces their free Absolute Guide Series, which contains all of their in-house research, some of which we have featured on Quest Bulgaria. This exhaustive research fulfils the proven knowledge of the marketplace criteria set by Business Britain.

Criteria for the International Property Specialist of the Year award also placed high value on ROI offered to clients. Obelisk investment projects always present exceptional investment potential and both high capital gains and high rental yields are essential parts of investment in overseas property with Obelisk. In Bulgaria, Obelisk has achieved 177% over 5 years with their Capital 68 development in Sofia and this is just further evidence of why Obelisk has ticked this particular box in the Business Britain award criteria.

Client relations are essential to Obelisk and to this end, investors are allocated a Personal Investment Consultant and have access to a dedicated customer services department. In addition to these bespoke client services, Obelisk is part of the Obelisk Group whose companies provide additional services to the overseas property investor. These include interior design and furniture packs provided by Obelisk Interiors and independent financial advice offered by Obelisk Private Finance.

Gonzales goes on to say, “Obelisk are proud to be the recipients of the International Property Specialist of the Year 2008 award and will continue to strive to offer excellence and the highest quality in their overseas property investments.”

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