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Dreaming of Cheap Bulgarian Property

With the current pound to euro exchange rate at an appalling low, what can you find in Bulgaria as a cheap property bargain? There is hope that the pound will bounce back some time next year but meanwhile, the failing pound has had a huge effect on hopeful Bulgarian property buyers from the UK. The upside is that there are still plenty of Bulgarian property bargains to be had despite the bad exchange rate. Bulgaria has a good stock of inexpensive property which should make buying your dream home still realistic.

It just might take you a bit longer to find exactly what you want within your newly reduced budget. With the festive period, UK buyers can take their time to browse and surf the internet with a view to doing a viewing trip early next year or in the spring.

The main thing is to be more flexible when on a lower budget - the other side of the coin is that buyers are a highly sought after species these days, so you should be able to haggle that bit more!

This doesn't mean at all that a few months ago you were looking at a fully renovated house for your budget and are now reduced to a ruin of a place. You just need to know where to look and actually an old house for renovation might be the ticket. They do have a certain charm but you need to be careful about renovation costs. It can cost you the same as you paid for the house itself, even more if it all gets out of hand.

Perhaps the best way to get a cheap Bulgarian property is to broaden your search to the lesser known areas. In every country there are basic factors which put the price of a property up - sea views, next to a ski gondola or close to an airport being three of them. However, moving a few kms inland prices drop quickly. An hour's drive from an airport and you'll see a marked difference in what you can get for your money.

The definition of what is "cheap" is very hard to quantify as it all depends upon each individual's perception. Britons will most likely consider all Bulgarian property cheap compared to their home country, even property in the capital Sofia. However, the exchange rate has "inflated" prices for Brits. Nevertheless, Bulgaria has much to offer to those searching for a cheap property if they undertake a bit more research and look outside the predictable spots. There is bound to be a Bulgarian property which is just right.

Hot spots for 2009, where you can still pick up a bargain
Vidin, Vratsa, Lom, Montana
Villages around Rousse
Yambol, Elhovo
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