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Hitch-hiking in Bulgaria

thumbing a liftMany people see hitch-hiking as a great adventure and a cheap mode of travel and in Bulgaria it is both common-place and accepted. You will see everyone from local villagers and school children to students thumbing lifts. Locals generally don’t go far, usually to the next town or village, but many young people choose to hitch-hike across the country particularly in summer when everyone heads for the Black Sea coast. Whilst most Bulgarians hitch-hike out of necessity, foreign hitch-hikers today view it as more of an activity with many now belonging to clubs, who set routes across the world for fun hikes.

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Exploring the wine cellars of the Royal Palace Evksinograd

the palace wine cellarWine lovers will be bowled over by the Evksinograd wine cellar, which is said to be the oldest in Bulgaria. It is housed in the former royal summer palace, 8 km from Varna and its reputation is well known outside of Bulgaria. Its links with former Bulgarian royalty and the international awards it has won over the last ten years has contributed to its fame. Back in 1881 it served the royal family of Tsar Ferdinand right through until the abolition of the monarchy in the Forties. Today it is popular with Bulgaria’s government ministers and wine connoisseurs.

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More Great Locations for Caving Holidays in Bulgaria

cave visitsBulgaria’s wealth of caves covers the length and breadth of the country and you don’t need to be an accomplished caver to explore some of these amazing sites, because most offer guided tours to the general public usually during the summer months. The beauty about basing your holiday around an area rich in caves is that you can learn more about the country’s geology as well as see some of its most striking landscape. Many companies on the internet offer caving holidays in Bulgaria, however it is possible to just do-it-yourself by purchasing low cost flights, a hire car and taking advantage of traditional local accommodation. Often this type of DIY holiday proves to be the best because you can integrate and experience more of the local culture than if you were in an organised group.

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Bungee Jumping

an exhilarating experienceBulgaria is a veritable paradise for those looking for a more unusual and exciting holiday. Not only are there plenty of places for caving and rock climbing, but some companies are also offering bungee jumping as part of an adrenalin filled, action packed vacation. If you are ready to feel the wind in your hair and your stomach flutter as you plummet to the ground, read on for more information about great Bulgarian bungee locations.

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Casino Tourism

Casino Tourism on the riseMore and more tourists and locals alike are choosing to spend their big night out at the casino. In fact, this newer form of recreation has taken the Bulgarian tourist industry by storm and has lead to an increase in the number of Casinos across the country. It was not so long ago that a night at the casino was once considered a leisure pursuit for the rich and famous, however casino tourism has entered the domain of the average holiday maker and the days when gambling was pursued by the law as a criminal offence have long gone.

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3 Night Holidays

3 night holidays3 night holidays are on the increase for many who are seeking a way to de-stress before or after the Christmas period and the hectic closing of the year. Short breaks can usually be arranged around family commitments and work duties and during the winter months one can expect to find an array of great bargain accommodation in some of Bulgaria's amazing cities.

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Wordsearch for the Children

Christmas Word Search competitionHere's an online Christmas word search puzzle. Try to find the names of the nine reindeers hidden in the grid of letters. If you spot one, simply click and drag through the word to highlight it.

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Spa Resorts in Bulgaria - Facts

spa-resorts-in-bulgariaThe abundance of mineral water sources makes spa resorts in Bulgaria among the top in the world for mineral baths or balneology cures.

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Riding the Bulgarian Rapids

adrenalin rushImagine sailing the rapids amidst the wilds of the Bulgarian landscape. Rafting has been given a real boost among the Bulgarian population ever since trendy Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev sailed the rapids of the Struma River and the country offers much in the way of diverse locations where you can carry out this exciting sport. A rafting holiday in Bulgaria is a great way to satisfy your hunger for excitement with the opportunity to see a little more of what lies beyond the purpose built tourist resorts. Bulgaria has many fast flowing rivers to provide adrenalin seekers with the perfect experience at exceptionally low costs.

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