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Bulgarian Nightlife - Not for the Faint Hearted

bulgarian nightlifeBulgarian nightlife can be compared to that of Western Europe where the young and old take to the bars and restaurants to socialise and have fun. Most bars close at 12 midnight but they will be open from as early as 8am.


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Interactive Weekend Crossword

Interactive Bulgarian crossword puzzleFor those of you who enjoy a bit of Bulgarian Trivia, facts and figures, why not take the time over a cup of coffee and have a try at our first interactive crossword puzzle. If you need any help, then most of the answers can be found on this site, the rest can be easily found elsewhere on the internet!

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Scuba Diving in Bulgaria

Experience the Black Sea up closeThe sport of scuba diving brings you to a world you’ve never experienced before; with different shapes, textures, colours and creatures. It renews your senses and provides an incredible sense of freedom, so where better to learn or practice than in the lengthy sunny shores and deep lakes of Bulgaria?

Scuba diving is unique in as much as the swimmer is able to stay under water for prolonged periods of time, unhindered by air lines to a remote air source, as the divers carry a canister of compressed air. This gives the freedom for enhanced exploration of underwater areas such as caves, coral and even shipwrecks when aided by a mask, flippers and sometimes a DPV (driver propulsion vehicle) or “scooter” which moves the diver around quicker.

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Sea Horses in Bulgaria

sea horses are at riskPlease give a thought to these beautiful, mythical creatures the next time you are on holiday strolling down a Bulgarian beach and they are offered to you as take-home souvenirs from the beach sellers. Over the last five years sea horse populations have been dwindling. Seahorses are particularly vulnerable to overexploitation, due to low mobility, and are used as a traditional medicine in China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines. Dried seahorses are viewed as a cure for a range of conditions such as asthma and skin disease. They are most commonly used as a treatment of sexual dysfunction! Asian nations consume around 45 tons of dried seahorses annually and yet there is no clinical proof that dried seahorses have any medicinal benefits.

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Holidays in Bulgarian Guest Houses

traditional guest houseFor many the idea of staying in holiday accommodation described as a guest house rather than a hotel sends shivers down the spine. Guest houses have frequently been labelled as being cold, dank places with overzealous, nosey landladies who serve questionable food. However, if you want to experience the real Bulgaria and are confronted with the quandary of whether to stop in a hotel or a guesthouse, head straight for the cosy atmosphere of a family guest house and experience some genuine Bulgarian hospitality.

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An Interview With Golf Champion Gary Player

Gary Player grand opening thracian cliffsQuest Bulgaria recently had the opportunity to interview Gary Player the world famous, and one of the most successful Golf champions in history about his life and achievements and this is what he had to say:

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Get Reincarnated In A Bulgarian Spa Resort

waterIt can be said that Bulgaria has a unique gift of being one of the very few countries to be blessed by offering something for everybody.

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Cruising The Blue Danube

cruiseshipIn recent years Bulgaria has received a growing interest from both its citizens and foreign visitors alike in the many cruises along

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Tips On Learning The Bulgarian Language

revisionHow difficult would you say Bulgarian is to learn? Well although most foreign languages are difficult to

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Into the Abyss, Caving in the Rhodope Mountains

stalagmitesBulgaria’s diverse landscape offers some fantastic opportunities for those who like to explore the deep depths of the earth’s caves. There are around 4,620 caves across the country all of which have a detailed history and most of which are open to the public, with some areas off limits to anyone who isn’t a member of a caving club. You don’t need to be an accomplished caver to explore some of these amazing sites, most offer guided tours to the general public during usually the summer months.

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