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A Bulgarian Scientist's thoughts

This article was written for Quest BG, by a famous Bulgarian Scientist called Prof. Lachezar Filipov, and gives his thoughts on life outside our planet.


Extra-Terrestrials exist, but why do they not seek contact with us? Some personal thoughts.

Working Hypothesis

At the beginning of my presentation I would like to make the following stipulation: I have neither had a contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (as it had been reported in the media outlets) nor I have seen UFO. However throughout my scientific career I have firmly believed in the existence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and other civilizations in the Universe. As a theoretical physicist and astrophysicist I am accustomed to develop my scientific analysis on the basis of a "Working hypothesis". This approach gives me the chance to build logical assumptions, concepts for analysis or the examination of various probable scenarios. Therefore I will start first with the formulation of two postulates (based on vast observational material obtained by others), which are going to be the basis of the considerations that follow.

1. Aliens (this is how I will refer to those Extraterrestrial s, which have visited the Earth in the past or are currently visiting out planet) exist.

Aliens from other planets or epochs.
The term ‘aliens' should be applied in a very broad sense:
They exists in their own environment, worlds and in the Cosmos
They are on the Earth even at the present moment
They have visited the Earth in the prehistoric past and in ancient times.
At present we cannot talk about a particular kind of Extra-Terrestrials (Aliens, E.T.) - they may be of a certain race or they might be of several races.

2. The Aliens are highly intelligent beings.

The ETs not only possess very high technological and cultural level, but they also can appreciate the far reaching consequences of their actions and are well experienced in the daily situations, or in other words - they are not naïve, simple minded beings; for them various ethical and moral issues like fraud, aggression and murder might have been happening of a very ancient history.
The high intellectual state of the Aliens does not imply that their logic and ethics are the same as ours.

As was already mentioned, based on these two postulates and employing the observation material accumulated by "witnesses", I will develop my "Working Hypothesis".


According to their size in comparison to us, the Extra-Terrestrials could be grouped into "midgets", "normal" and "giants". However, the facts for their appearance and behavior could be summarized as:

1. Anthropomorphous (humanoids) - that is, they more or less look like us. This is a very important fact.
2. There appears to be a ‘gender' division among them that is male and female (at least among the "normal" ones as with us.
3. They are able to talk, can understand speech and can communicate through speech. Some of them possess enhanced mental ability like telepathy or employ technical means to produce and enhance such effect.
4. They are always dressed (sometimes in space suits and helmets or other clothes, but never without such).
5. They appear to require nourishment in the form of food and drink.
6. The Alien reactions range from sometimes cautious, through indifferent and disregard to curious (on rare occasions)
7. The Aliens appear to adjust without great difficulties to the Earth elements - air, water, gravitation, temperature and solar radiation, that is - these are not deadly for them.

All these lead to the conclusion that:
1. The Earth is been visited by various star races or Polygenesis
2. The Earth is being visited by a single race, Monogenesis, but its representatives are made of different groups.


Before examining the various hypotheses in response to this question, I would like to consider the scientific programs in which more than 50 scientists with different scientific fields of expertise (astrophysics, mathematics, engineering, psychology, philosophy, etc) are trying to resolve the problem of "Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence". I need to emphasis that they all accept in general terms the formulated two postulates.

These programs in most general terms could be called CETI (Communication with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence).

Some of the goals set by CETI are as follows:
Examination and search of planets in the Galaxy, whose environment might provide conditions for the existence of Life as we know it.

An estimate of the number of civilizations in the Galaxy with high technological level, who could conduct a contact.
Possible mean of communications between highly developed star cultures.

Sending messages to the Universe and search for signals from intelligent being s employing radio telescopes

Search for astro-engineering installations in our galaxy, e.g. Tsiolkovsky's or Dyson's spheres.