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A Bulgarian Scientist's thoughts

The CETI program has two subprograms:

SETI - Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence - that is the "passive" part of the CETI program
METI - Messaging to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence - that is the "active" part of the CETI program.

Under the METI program we could consider the so-called "Crop Circles", which is possibly an unfamiliar to us way of communication and a contact with us. Here we could apply the same considerations which were used in the METI program, namely that these "Crop Circles" include internal self-decoding information. By increasing the complexity of these "Pictograms" the E.T.s teach us how to decode the information contained in these structures/images. It is another matter, that for the time being we could not use these "Crop Circles" to establish a dialog. Thus, one of the serious tasks in front of us is as to how we could do that. In the future the creation of International body, which would unite scientists and esoteric s (without them the present day science cannot manage in addressing this issue) we could to a great degree achieve uniformity in the methods for decoding of the information these crop circles contain.

Before examining the various hypotheses about "What might they be looking for?" I would like to mention the classification of the space civilizations, made by Acad. N.C. Kardashov (with whom I have been a friend for many years). This classification concerns space civilizations, which could communicate and possibly establish a contact with us. It is based on the "Possession and control of energy", as this practically covers all means for a given civilization to overcome and resolve its global problems. Such civilizations are three types:

1. Posses and control the energy resources within their own planet (for example we would become a civilization of such type in the next 50-100 years)
2. Posses and control the energy resources within their star system (or possibly within a several star systems)
3. Posses and control the energy resources within the boundaries of their Galaxy.

It is likely that we could be dealing with Extra-Terrestrial civilization of the second type. The reasons for this are as follows:

1) "Militaristic - concurring"
2) "Progressive" - they are waiting for us to reach a level when a contact would be possible.
3) "A predator in a cage" - We are dangerous for the COSMOC at this stage
4) "Research" - We are a subject of observation and monitoring as a less developed entity.
5) "Space Nomads" - They are not interested in us, they need a planet
6) "Refinement" - They are the origin of life as we know it on the Earth and now are monitoring and controlling the process.


Our "Space" experience suggests that the Aliens do not enter in contact with us because:

1) They do not want to influence the natural evolution of our civilization;
2) At this stage of development of our civilization this contact might have dangerous consequences for us;
3) Such contact could have dangerous consequences for them - e.g. we carry too much negative energy (wars, murders, etc);
4) We cannot offer anything interesting to them;
5) There is intellectual inequality. Here we are talking not about individual intellect, but rather a "racial" intellect defined as :
a) The amount of knowledge acquired and accumulated by the Humanity in the sciences;
b) The mid in its highest manifestation - the ability for abstract thinking, deduction and association of facts and the understanding and creation of new ideas;

c) Highly developed language, which would allow the description of very complex, abstract terms;

d) Achievements in the arts and culture;
e) The moral and ethical norms of behavior, including interpersonal relationships, intimate relationships, relationships between parents and children, the understanding of the moral categories "GOOD" and "EVIL".

All these and some other categories characterize the "racial intellect". I think we would all agree that we are far from the ideal scenario.

Perhaps it would not be that difficult to understand why the Aliens do not want to have a contact with us if we assume that They were us after an evolution of 100,000 (one hundred thousand) years or even 200,000 years from the present moment, e.g. we had become a civilization of type II, possessing and controlling the energy of the Galaxy. Wouldn't we be behaving in the same way if we were to meet with somebody from the Cro-Magnon Era?

Thank you for your attention!

Source: Professor Lachezar Filipov PhD, Head of Astrophysics and Synergetic Department, Space Research Institute, Sofia.