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Cruising The Blue Danube

In recent years Bulgaria has received a growing interest from both its citizens and foreign visitors alike in the many cruises along

its stretch of the famous River Danube.


The country has 480km of the Danube within its borders and more and more companies are offering cruises along this beautiful waterway.

The River Danube is the second largest river in Europe and the only one which joins both east to west. It stretches for an incredible 2859 km and flows through 9 European countries, starting in Germanys Black Forest region. The Bulgarian section shares a natural water border with Romania.

To date there are at least 7 companies who specialise in offering cruises to include the Bulgarian leg of the Danube .Figures for 2010 showed that more than 20,000 tourists were reported to have passed through the Bulgarian ports of the Danube on 178 cruise vessels.

Unlike the German and Austrian parts of the river, Bulgaria does not have the Alpine scenery to offer, however the many towns and cities along the cruise will surely compensate the traveller and all of the companies operating the river cruises will stop off at at least some of the cities, Ruse is just one of the city stops and is well worth a visit, as is Vidin and Silistra. The cafes and Restaurants along the banks are enchanting and it is thought that Johan Strauss was inspired to write The Blue Danube after seeing this particular stretch of the river.

Most cruise companies set aside up to 6 hours for passengers to tour the cities, with the longest stay being at Ruse, many are guided tours.