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Bulgarian Nightlife - Not for the Faint Hearted

Bulgarian nightlife can be compared to that of Western Europe where the young and old take to the bars and restaurants to socialise and have fun. Most bars close at 12 midnight but they will be open from as early as 8am.


Dancing in the city

For the young energetic extraverts, Bulgaria has a selection of dance bars and nightclubs where for an entrance fee they can spend until the wee hours on the dance floor moving to the latest Bulgarian or Western music. The major cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna have some of Europe's most state of the art nightclubs and many of the country's top singing celebrities will perform in them from time to time. Some of the  most popular clubs to visit are the 'Club Pico' in Plovdiv, 'chervilo' in Sofia and the 'Makalali' in Varna to name but a few.

No matter what age they are, Bulgarian people love to dance and whether or not they are in a nightclub, bar and sometimes even restaurant, it's normal for dancing to take place at some point during the evening and this can continue right through the night until around 5am the next morning.

It can be an extremely amusing sight when you see an elderly person who struggles to make it to the toilet without assistance because of their back and knee problems jump to their feet to dance at the very moment that the music's volume is increased.

Families with children will typically visit their favourite restaurant and meet up with friends for an enjoyable and sociable evening.

Village People

The Bulgarian nightlife in the countries villages can at times be quite lively. There will always be at least one person who is a musical maestro, and he will be able to play an instrument, maybe the accordion which many villagers enjoy. The entertainment and Bulgarian folk music may begin in the village hall or even in the home of a local and this can begin in the afternoon but will normally have ended by no later than 10pm.

Rakia along with salad will be on the table and it is customary for any guests to contribute to the stock of alcoholic beverages and food.  As in the cities, singing and dancing can break out at any time but this is said to be assisted greatly by the rakia.

Bulgarian people are very sociable and they also grasp at any opportunity to have fun with friends and family. Things may change as years go by, but the Bulgarian nightlife will remain an important part of life for ever.