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FREE Advertising for Suppliers of Activity Holidays in Bulgaria?

Do you offer special interest or activity holidays in Bulgaria? If you do, then....


Blue Yonder Marketing: Promoting Activity Holidays in Bulgaria FREE of all charges.

Over the years Bulgaria has become a popular destination for those looking for a little bit of action during their annual holiday breaks. From the ever popular skiing trips in the depth of winter, to Black Sea angling on a hot summer afternoon, hill walking or horse riding, there is something to suit every taste and budget. Throughout the country there are companies, individuals and organizations, large and small, offering clients from all over the world an amazing range of action packed holidays and special interest days out. The 'product' is perfect, the market is there, and the clients are waiting.

The only thing missing is sustained professional promotion to generate market awareness (process of learning about a new product, service, or idea) and increase bookings.

NOW HELP IS AT HAND, Blue Yonder Marketing Ltd is offering companies, large and small, which are promoting any kind of activity holiday, FREE OF ALL COSTS advertising on their website: www.blueyonderholidays.com due to be launched on 7th December 2012.

The site, which has been designed to generate interest and encourage direct booking with the supplier, will help create awareness of the vast range of activities available in Bulgaria. The holiday supplier has simply to provide Blue Yonder Marketing with basic information and photographs and in return they will benefit from:

  • Free advertising on the internet
  • Free promotion on other on-line and hard copy media
  • Free exposure at future UK holiday exhibitions
  • No set-up costs
  • No maintenance costs
  • Absolutely NO commitment
  • No need to change existing marketing/advertising programmes
  • Direct contact from advertisement to advertiser's email address / website
  • Absolutely NOTHING to lose

The truly wonderful thing about this offer is that there simply is no downside! There are no hidden extras and no hidden charges or costs. All the advertiser is required to do is to send the information and photographs and Blue Yonder will do the rest.

'Marketing your Marketing'

Having a fantastic advertisement, or the world's best website, means very little if potential clients don't know where to find it or even that it exists. Blue Yonder has plans in place to make certain this is not the case and will ensure maximum exposure of the website and with it, the exposure for individual advertisers. The marketing plan includes for the site to be advertised in on-line and hard copy media and also to be featured in at least one of the UK's major activity holiday exhibitions. In addition, a full time dedicated Website Optimizer will be part of the Blue Yonder team.

This really is a 'win, win' opportunity for advertisers. There is nothing to lose, no risk, no cost and very little effort. On the other hand, additional exposure is guaranteed, increased business a definite probability, and with this, increased revenue and profitability.

For more information, contact Blue Yonder Marketing direct at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. '; document.write(''); document.write(addy_text87908); document.write('<\/a>'); //-->\n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or, visit their website: www.blueyondermarketing.net