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Spa Resorts in Bulgaria - Facts

The abundance of mineral water sources makes spa resorts in Bulgaria among the top in the world for mineral baths or balneology cures.

The healing properties of mineral water have been known ever since ancient times. Thousands of years can not get rid of the traces of once thriving spa towns developed around mineral springs, of which records confirm archaeological remains from the Thracian and Roman times. For e.g. ancient towns Augusta (Hissar), Pautalia (Kiustendil), Serdica (Sofia) are just a few.

There are a lot of reasons for this historic stability of water remedy in Bulgaria. Above almost all, the country has an outstanding number of mineral springs with assorted chemical properties (more than 800), grouped in some two hundred and fifty mineral water sources in respect to the places of origin. Their mineral composition contains almost all elements that are current in mineral waters elsewhere. Their temperature often differs greatly (from cold to over 100 degrees Celsius).

Fresh water

The ever-declining fresh water supply in the world, combined with the difficult environmental problems, pollution of water sources have actually contributed to increasing interest in bottled mineral waters. Bulgarian mineral waters are actually now in the position to compete with world-known bottled mineral waters.

Spa resorts in Bulgaria - Mineral Baths

Location contributes to the benefit of mineral springs and spa resorts in Bulgaria; usually they are in ecologically natural areas, located in wonderful settings, with a moderate climate. For health spas, it is specifically important to have both the balneology and climate. Well-known spa resorts in Bulgaria include the Bulgarian Black Sea coast with Balchik, Pomorie and Varna popular for the healing properties of the healing mud. The Mountain ranges of the Rhodopes, Rila and Pirin together with the Strouma River offer essential requirement for tourists seeking a health and wellness break.

Bulgaria is building new establishments, and renovating existing ones, to provide outstanding modern bathing therapy and preventative treatments. The health spas use the services of highly dedicated, competent medical workers.

During the past few years, Bulgarian mineral waters and health spas have been widely put into use in medical and health tourism. It is well known that preventative treatments are carried out with mainly the use of natural mineral sources. As a result, balneology therapy and medical tourism, as part of wellbeing tourism has moved from specialist treatments and rehabilitation to recreation and physical fitness.  Increases of visitors from Denmark, Germany and Spain have shown a great interest in these specific spa resorts and mineral baths in Bulgaria for the health benefits.

These resorts are becoming more popular with visitors in helping eliminate the effects of modern way of life more quickly by using preventative treatments of these ailments. Spa resorts in Bulgaria where balneology therapy and medical tourism is ideal for the following visitors looking for:

Recreation and physical fitness

Preventative and rehabilitation programs

Medical therapy

Extra training before or after sporting events and staying in perfect physical shape

Bulgaria is wealthy in mineral springs which vary significantly in chemical make up; the country has gathered considerable scientific and practical knowledge in the treatments and preventative cures for a wide selection of illnesses.

Generally there is an incredible positivity for the development of medical tourism in spa resorts in Bulgaria and it is a field that can operate all year round.

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