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How much do you really know about Bulgaria?

 Perhaps you already know that mountains cover almost a third of Bulgaria, or that it is renowned for its cinematic landscapes.

But how much else do you really know about our fascinating country, its language, traditions and culture? Read on to test yourself with our five fun facts…


One: It has a unique alphabet

Bulgaria’s very own alphabet is known as the Cyrillic, and was created around AD860 by missionaries. They wanted to bring the words of the gospel to the Slavs but there was no written form of the language. They thus developed the Cyrillic script and it has been in use ever since. The alphabet has thirty letters.

Two: The meaning of the Bulgarian flag

You might already know the colours of the three horizontal stripes that appear on the Bulgarian flag, but what are their meanings? The red stripe represents the courage of Bulgarian people, green signifies the country’s rich natural beauty and white represents the land.

Three: Bulgaria is the bird capital of Europe

Did you know that three quarters of all European bird species can be found in Bulgaria? This makes it the bird capital of the continent, with a number of rare species including the eagle owl stone curlew, pallid swift and collared pratincole nesting here.

Four: Bulgaria’s part in the European perfume industry

Bulgaria has historically been responsible for producing 70% of the world’s rose oil, a vital ingredient in perfume and cosmetics. There is still a large rose-growing region in the country today, and the rose oil produced is renowned for its purity. Did you also know that if you ever take roses as a gift in Bulgaria you should ensure that your bouquet has an odd number of flowers? Even numbers are only used for funerals!

Five: Your knowledge about Bulgaria could win you €500

Sound unlikely? Well, Falcon Holidays are currently running a competition called Passport Challenge, which involves answering twelve questions about Bulgaria and five other European countries: Greece, Spain, Egypt, Portugal and Turkey. Get all the questions right on 3 out of the six destinations and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win €500 towards your next holiday.

So how many of our five facts did you know about our fair country? If you already know your stuff about Bulgaria and some of our neighbours, you may even have a shot at that €500 voucher…