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Bulgaria Clubbing Holiday | Where to go

Bulgaria is an excellent choice to take a holiday and it definitely has something for everyone. For those looking for a Bulgaria clubbing holiday, you will not be disappointed.

For the lads and girls who want to get away from it all, and enjoy the sun, sea and all the activities that both couples and single people enjoy, Bulgaria is a great choice. It is not so widely known that Bulgaria has some vibrant night clubs all over the country, and a clubbing holiday on a shoestring is affordable for most budgets.


The two most popular hotspots for clubbers are without a doubt the Black Sea Coast resorts, Golden Sands to the north and Sunny Beach to the south. Both of these lively resorts welcome hundreds of thousands of tourists each year from May to October when an abundance of lively bars and nightclubs open throughout the night until the early hours of the morning. “Bar Crawls” are a real favourite in these towns, the tourist will pay a small fee and he/she will be escorted around a large selection of bars where drinks will be free in each one. Others prefer to explore on their own and pay as they go, and with food and drink prices being so low, it can be a fun way to get around.

Daytime will see many clubbers rising later in the day until a point when they do it all again whilst others may want to take advantage of what other activities their resort offers. Bungee jumping, jet skiing, banana boats and paragliding are popular during the day and prices are very reasonable.

Sunny Beach is the largest and most popular Black Sea resort for foreign tourists coming from countries in and outside of Europe including Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Israel, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and all of the Scandinavian countries to mention a few. It has a stretch of almost 6 miles of beautiful sandy beach which has views of the Stara Planina Mountains, Bulgaria’s largest mountain range. Take a stroll around Sunny Beach in the evening and you will hear the sounds of Karaoke, traditional Bulgarian music and modern dance music for the clubbers. Sunny Beach is a cheaper resort than that of the tiny in comparison Golden Sands in terms of the costs of entertainment, eating and drinking.

Getting there

Golden Sands is situated on the northern black sea coast and 45 minutes drive north of Varna airport. The flight time from most UK airports to Varna is 3 – 3.5 hours.

Sunny Beach is located in the southern black sea region of Burgas and just 30 minutes drive from Burgas airport. Flight durations are approximately the same as for Varna.

Most major tour operators and travel agents offer these two resorts with regular flights from the UK.

First Choice Holidays as well as Thomas Cook, Thomson’s Holidays and Balkan Holidays are the choice for most visitors to Bulgarian resorts.

Out of Season and Short City Breaks

In the major cities of Bulgaria you can find an abundance of modern state of the art bars and clubs for your Bulgaria clubbing holiday. What is so attractive about this alternative to the coastal clubbing breaks is that the city clubs are open all year round and can be used as a short mini break. Sofia and Varna are the best choice for a short break and the choice of entertainment in these magnificent cities is enormous. Airport transfer time is very short so the visitor can be clubbing within an hour of touchdown.

Clubbing on the Piste!

Whether or not you fancy your hand at skiing or you enjoy the snow, Bulgaria has a few excellent but very lively ski resorts within its majestic mountain ranges. Bansko being the most popular followed by Pamporovo, Sandanski and Borovets all have their own dance bars and clubs, some of which stay open 24 hours. So if you missed out on the summer season, why not take a winter break and see what’s on offer for the best Bulgaria clubbing holiday. Plovdiv and Sofia airports both serve the ski resorts.