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Black Sea Region Cruise Vacation

Travel and vacation in the Black Sea region and enjoy the antiquity of the Greeks. This famous region encapsulates many war stories from the World War II era. This region was created millions of years ago in an elliptical type depression between the Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Georgia and Bulgaria. The sea was dubbed the 'Inhospitable Sea' in early times because of the ferocious tribes that lived along the coastline. Many years later the 'In' was dropped and the area turned into the 'Hospitable Sea.'

The Black Sea region includes many interesting sites such as Constantinople; the ruins of Constanta; 19th century architecture of Odessa; Sevastopol where the Crimean War charge was made by the Light Brigade; Yalta's Livadia Palace; and the citadel of ancient Amasya. Famous monuments to visit include Hagia Sophi, Topkapi Palace, 3rd and 4th century Roman mosaics, the rock tombs of the Pontic Kings, and the Blue Mosque. Soak in the sun on the lovely beaches of Varna in Bulgaria.

The Black Sea gets it's name from the many micro-organisms which inhabit the waters. The micro-organisms literally ink the water black with black sediment. The Sea itself is connected to the Mediterranean by the Bosphorus Strait and the Dardanelles Straight. The Black sea is flanked by the Caucasus Moints on the East and the Crimean coast.

An excellent way to vacation in the area is to take a scenic cruise on one of the many cruise ships that sail the area. Smithsonian Journeys offers an excellent price on cruises in the area. The price of the cruises vary per year and per cabin accommodations. The prices during 2011 range from $7,000 to $27,000 per double occupancy cabin. Smithsonian Journeys is only one of the many cruise ships that sail the Black Sea region. Golden Ring Cruises, Vacations to Go and Variety Cruises are three other web based companies that offer cruises to the Black Sea region. A simple search of the Internet will reveal a wide selection of cruise company's offering cruises in the Black Sea region.

The most prominent port to the Black Sea is in Istanbul. The majority of cruises either departs or returns to the port in Istanbul. Those that do not make sure the port in Istanbul is part of the cruise itinerary. The stop in Istanbul has must see destinations such as Ayia Sofia, the Grand Basarr and the Blue Mosque.

Several of the cruises offer a plethora of water sports for their cruise enthusiasts. Pedalos, jet-skis, speedboats, spotting dolphins and swimming are only a few of the possible activities. Enjoy the scenery on the coastal roads while enjoying one of the many land tours available at the different ports.

Black Sea cruises are available on several size cruise ships from small to large. Specific cruises specialize in site-seeing, luxury service, cultural cruises, in-depth lecture cruises and short tours. Read through the itinerary of each cruise to locate the type best fitted to your personality. Enjoy a cruise of the Black Sea region and soak in the history.