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Most Popular Sports in Bulgaria

There are many popular sports in Bulgaria, as in every other country. The most popular sports in Bulgaria are soccer, basketball, volleyball, bodybuilding, tennis and gymnastics. Due to the poor finance sports in Bulgaria are not on such advanced level as the sports for example in England, but despite that young people still get involved in them. Probably one of the most popular sports in Bulgaria is soccer. Bulgarian players are known all over the world for their skills.

Many European teams often buy out players in the Bulgarian national championship; this is probably the only way for Bulgarian players to succeed in sports. Some of the most successful soccer players from Bulgaria are Dimitar Berbatov, Hristo Soichkov and Martin Petrov. Dimitar Berbatov and Martin Petrov are now playing in the English premiership and Hristo Stoichkov has played in the Spanish Grand Barcelona. Like all of the sports in Bulgaria, players that stay in Bulgaria often get the minimum wage for that country.


In addition, there are not many spectators, as one would think watching and supporting some of these sports in Bulgaria. Soccer has the highest popularity among all of the other sports in Bulgaria, which is why there are many junior soccer teams. Children can join a soccer team in Bulgaria if they want as early as the age of seven.

Some of the other most popular sports in Bulgaria are basketball and volleyball. Bulgarian teams are some of the best in certain sports in Bulgaria and all over the world, Bulgarian's national volleyball team took part in the finals of the world championship last year, and the Bulgarian's national basketball took part as well. Those two sports are very popular in Bulgaria and have many supporters all across the country and the courts are always full with spectators, even the Bulgarian President has been known to watch some of the sports in Bulgaria. The volleyball and basketball national championships are some of the best in Europe. The success that these two teams have achieved is the pride of all of the sports in Bulgaria.

In addition to soccer and tennis, some more of the popular sports in Bulgaria are tennis and gymnastics. These two sports have a depth of traditions in Bulgaria, and have some of the best teachers for these two sports in Bulgaria. Bulgarian gym athletes are usually found in the top three in every championship that takes place all over the world.

One of the best gym athletes of Bulgaria is Jordan Iovchev. He is probably one of the most successful gym athletes in the history of the sports in Bulgaria. Jordan Iovchev usually wins the gold medal at the Olympics. As for the Tennis schools in Bulgaria, they are not considered world class but they do have great teachers that train some of the best Bulgarian tennis players. For example, Malleeva Tennis School, tennis classes are taught by the best Bulgarian tennis player known to Bulgaria, Magdalena Malleeva. She the best Bulgarian tennis player of all time, and has competed in some of the most prestigious world tournaments such as the Roland Garos, and the American Open.

The sport of bodybuilding has not grown in popularity as rapidly as other parts of the world, however bodybuilding is now very popular in Bulgaria and several champions of the sport have emerged over the last 10 years or so. Lazar Angelov, Dimitar Dimitrov and Vladimir Kolev too name but a few are all Olympic bronze and silver medalists. There has been some negativity recently where some participants of the sport have been accused of taking research chemicals from peptide clinics to enhance their performance by increasing muscle mass.

Despite the fact that there is a lack of financial support for the many sports in Bulgaria, their popularity grows. The junior teams of all of the sports in Bulgaria have many organized tournaments, so that the children involved can stay in shape and possibly someday become another one of the excellent players of one of the many sports in Bulgaria.