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Most Recognised Snowmobiles in Bulgaria

The most popular snowmobiles in Bulgaria are Bombardier Bearcat, Crossfire, Jaguar, Panther, and Yamaha. Snowmobiles are land vehicles used for travel on snow and are commonly propelled by a continuous track at the rear and steered by skis at the front.

This first time in Bulgaria, a snowmobile contest called "Snow rally Pamporovo 2009" had taken place. Pamporovo is one of the most popular skiing resorts in Bulgaria. Only eighteen people have taken part in the contest, it may not been many but it is a start. The winner was Nikolay Kodzabashev, who drove with a snowmobile named "Bombardier". The second and the third place winners came in with one of the most popular snowmobiles in Bulgaria "Yamaha RX 1".

The "Bombardier" snowmobiles are a Canadian brand that traces its roots back to the year 1942. Snowmobiles in Bulgaria that are made by this company are known to be the best, because they posses exceptional quality and performance. Also those snowmobiles in Bulgaria have earned better reputation than those of the rival brand Polaris and Arctic cat. The Bombardier is one of the best-known brands of snowmobiles in Bulgaria.

Another very popular snowmobile in Bulgaria that is used is the Yamaha RX 1. This snow mobile has four cylinders and a four-stroke engine. The starter is electric, and the skis are made from plastic. The skag on this snowmobile is made from carbide. The price for a performance model is $9000. This may be a hefty price for some, but when you are dealing with a climate such as in Bulgaria, you would prefer to have the most well known brand snowmobiles in Bulgaria for its performance.

There is one of the snowmobiles in Bulgaria, which is also well known, that is the Arctic cat Crossfire 1000 Sno Pro. This amazing snowmobile provides a 1000 2-stroke powerful engine and an explosive Ripsaw to boot. This incredible Camoplast high quality, high performance track provides the combination of aggressively cone-shaped lugs and a softer compound to give ultra responsive, superb handling and traction.

The last one of the popular snowmobiles in Bulgaria is the Arctic Cat Jaguar. This snowmobile is a 4-stroke, liquid cooled, 2-cylinder Suzuki engine that gives the snowmobile an impressive 123-horse power. This makes it one of the fastest snowmobiles in Bulgaria that is used, but it has lower fuel capacity compared to the other popular model snowmobiles in Bulgaria.

Snowmobiles in Bulgaria have been becoming more popular over the past several years. Since then there are many snowmobiles in Bulgaria and this type of sport is getting very popular among the young generation, there will surely be more competition with the snowmobiles in Bulgaria that are currently being used.