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Bungee Jumping

Bulgaria is a veritable paradise for those looking for a more unusual and exciting holiday. Not only are there plenty of places for caving and rock climbing, but some companies are also offering bungee jumping as part of an adrenalin filled, action packed vacation. If you are ready to feel the wind in your hair and your stomach flutter as you plummet to the ground, read on for more information about great Bulgarian bungee locations.


The Bungee Experience

Bungee jumping involves being tied to a strong elastic bungee cord by a harness around your waist. In Bulgaria you then jump from a bridge or deep cave and plummet downwards facing experiencing feelings of intense fear mixed with indescribable excitement. Once you step out into the unknown, the bungee cord extends to absorb the energy of the fall and you plummet head first downwards, once the cord has expended to its full capacity, you are catapulted in the opposite direction - upwards as the elastic bungee snaps back. The first drop into the unknown is the most exhilarating or frightening depending on your nerve, after this you bob up and down until all the energy is used up.

Despite the inherent danger of jumping from a great height, you don’t need any special training to bungee jump; just plenty of courage to take that first step, but once you have done it successfully, you will feel exhilarated by your accomplishment and many people get the bungee bug and go in search of new and exciting places to jump.  Bulgaria’s bungee operators comply with very strict safety standards and thousands of successful jumps have taken place here over the course of the last few years.
There are several companies in Bulgaria offering a wide variety of places to bungee and one jump generally only costs between 35 and 60 lv. according to the location. There are even discounts for students and groups as well as for those who sign up for a second jump on the same day.

Bungee Locations

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the highest commercial bungee jump as being 233 m. It took place off the Observation Deck of the Macau Tower, in Macau China. Bulgaria’s highest jump is from the Vitinya Bridge – a height of 115 m. The bridge lies in the scenic Stara Planina between Sofia and Botevgrad.

The country has many more scenic bungee locations; Klisura a small town in 35 km from Karlovo and 105 km from the capital, Sofia is situated in a picturesque valley surrounded by the Stara Planina and the Sredna Gora. Jumps are conducted from a nearby bridge and once you have completed your jump here you can visit the nearby Central Balkan National Park with its two mountain peaks the Vezhen in the Balkan Mountains and the Bogdan in Sredna Gora. The town itself is rooted with the history surrounding the April Uprising against the ruling Turkish army. One of the Resistance leaders, Borimechkata, which means "the man who struggles a bear" lived here and the area has much in the way of Renaissance architecture including the Church of St Nicholas, the Historical Museum, and famous Revival houses such as Chervenakov's house, Pavurdzhiev's house and Kozinarov's house.

The museum town of Koprivshtitsa on the Topolnitsa River in the Sredna Gora Mountains is also another popular jump spot. This town also embodies all of the classic elements of Renaissance Bulgaria with authentic architecture, folk music festivals and 383 historic monuments. This town was also involved in the April uprising and is known as the place where the first shot was fired against the Turks.

The Asparouh Bridge in Varna is named after the founder of the Bulgarian State, Kahn Asparouh. It is the longest bridge in the country and it connects the city with the residential areas of Galata and Asparouhovo. It is a popular bungee spot with views to across the Bay of Varna and Cape Galata. To the west lies Varna Lake and the harbour and once you have finished your jump you can relax on the beach or explore this wonderful city known as Bulgaria’s Sea Capital.

Some of the bungee sites are located within deep caves like Prohodna, a cave near the village of Karlukovo. Its height ranges from 24 m to 40.5 m and it is 265 m in length. The cave lies close to the River Iskar and it is inhabited by swallows although during the Neolite and Eneolite periods it was inhabited by cave dwellers and many relics from these periods have been found here. The Devetashka Cave is another prehistoric dwelling full of stalagmites, stalactites, an underground river, and a waterfall. The Peshtera caves lie on the Upper Thracian Lowlands close to the town of Peshtera in south western Bulgaria. The caves lie within a wonderful scenic environment at the heart of the Rhodope Mountains and the most popular cave in this group is the Snezhanka, which lies 5 km from the town. After your jump you can calm your nerves with a glass of Mastika, which is produced in the town.