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The Pirin and Beyond

pirin-parkThe Pirin Mountain region offers some amazing scenery coupled with a rich heritage and plenty to do all year round.

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World Heritage List Great Sights of Bulgaria

world heritage list sights of bulgariaBulgaria is a picturesque small country that has existed for more that 13 centuries in Europe. The ancient country links the east and the west. Bulgaria is in southeastern Europe, in the southeastern part of the Balkan peninsula.

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Best Little Known Beach - Is Part of an Eastern European Lake

best little known beach part of an eastern european lakeImagine a lake that combines the look of the Riviera by the beach with a "Game of Thrones" setting in town, surrounded by mountains, history, culture, and romantic restaurants with glorious sunsets. Impossible, you think?

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Sejur Bulgaria: A Holiday Paradise for Romanians

The summer holiday season will arrive before we are prepared for it and for many Romanian tourists this year will as they say sejur Bulgaria (stay in Bulgaria). They will visit Bulgaria to experience a holiday like never before.

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The Balkan Range Bulgaria

the beautiful small town of tryavnaFor the last few years and still today the small towns of Tryavna, Troyan, Apriltsi, Gabrovo, Teteven and other little Bulgaria Balkan range villages have experienced not only a big property buying moment but also a real tourist boom. No wonder, as these small towns amidst wonderful mountains and forests are a special place to experience some of the most wonderful Bulgarian nature. Breathatking scenery, pretty villages lined with original houses.. this is the Balkan Range.

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Chepelare, Spring to Autumn

shiroka luka in summer timeMany of this region's top tourist sites cannot be accessed during the ski season due to extreme conditions and poor road conditions. Several of the natural rock phenomenon are only open from spring to autumn, making this another good reason to visit the area outside of the main tourist season. Pamporovo also keeps its lift facilities open throughout the summer. A visit to this Rhodope area can be as rewarding in the warmer months as it can be for winter skiing.

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Seeing the Sights of Shabla

shablaShabla is located 80 km from the North Bulgarian Black sea capital city of Varna, and 25 km from the Romanian border.

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KavatsiteKavatsite is a Bulgarian holiday region and is located on the south Black sea coast 4km south of Sozopol.

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Harta Litoral Bulgaria

harta litoral bulgariaHarta Litoral Bulgaria is a very old term originally taken from the Romanian language. It actually means "coastal map of Bulgaria".

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Arapia - A Picturesque Natural Bay

arapiaArapia is located in a picturesque natural bay on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Situated between Tsarevo and Lozenets.

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