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Best Place to Visit in Eastern Europe

Nevski Cathedral Sofia Bulgaria’s capital Sofia is among the best place to visit in Eastern Europe. The country’s largest city with a population of over 1.4 million people, and consequently its major economic centre. It’s perfect location in the west of the country at the foot of the Vitosha Mountains in the Sofia Valley has meant that it is strategically placed to provide perfect access to Central Europe as well as the Adriatic and the Aegean Seas.


Indeed, the city’s location is picturesque; not only is it surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, several rivers cross through the region and it is renowned for its multitude of mineral springs, lakes and scenic artificial dams.


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Places to Visit in Bulgaria


places to visit in bulgariaIt can be extremely difficult to recommend places to visit in Bulgaria as so many exist!

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Razlog Valley

rural razzlog The peaceful Razlog valley lies 800 m above sea level and is home to a population of 12,465 people. Razlog valley was first mentioned during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Basil II, was once known as Razlik and its citizens actively participated in two major uprisings. Razlog is a small town in the southwestern region of Bulgaria, in Blagoevgrad Province, also known as Pirin Macedonia. The province borders four other Bulgarian provinces, as well as Greece and the Republic of Macedonia.

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Holidays with Toddlers

holidays with toddlersHolidays with toddlers are the initial step to introducing your children to the world outside, and also a start of influential recollections for them.

Is Bulgaria for kids and if so and what should we think about to ensure a good holiday?

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Best Tourism in the World

perfect for tourismBulgaria’s has the ability to offer the best tourism in the world from its unique geographical features. As a country it is small, less than half the size of the UK with a population of only seven and a half million, but it has every geological feature you can think of from high mountain peaks and glacial lakes to fast-flowing rivers, vast forests and a beautiful natural coastline on the border of the Black Sea. The country’s rich geography is more diverse than countries four times its size, and the fact that it is not heavily populated means that there are more species of animals than other nations much larger in size. Bulgaria offers visitors a wide diversity of options for year round holidays, and does with out a doubt offer some of the best tourism in the world.

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Holiday in the Mountains

holiday in the mountainsA holiday in the mountains is not everybody's cup of tea. However, it would seem as if more and more people are getting bored of beach holidays, and far more often they turn to the lakes and mountains when it comes to their summer excursion.

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Bird Watching Holiday - Coastal Lakes and Capes

bird watcher's paradiseBelieve it or not, a bird watching holiday is one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities in the world and Bulgaria has developed into one of the leading bird watching holiday regions worldwide over the last ten years. The country’s ideal location at a crossroads of the Balkan Peninsula has given it one of the richest birding areas in Europe. It is home to over 420 different bird species, 22 of which are extremely rare and in danger of extinction. Its unique combination of soaring mountain ranges, flatlands and dramatic sea coast all within a short distance of each other coupled with the lack of industry and large scale development has lead to this natural wonder. One of the two major European flyways known as the Via Pontica crosses Bulgarian territory and is used by many thousands of birds.

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Montana Tourist Attractions

mineral spasMontana Tourist Attractions - Bulgaria's region of Montana is so rich in natural resources and interesting cultural and historic landmarks, it is an area that you will want to visit again and again. Not only is the surrounding landscape idyllic with its abundance of age-old spruce trees nestling beneath the Stara Planina Moutains, but the opportunities for tourism and recreation are also extensive. The area is perfect for fishing, parasailing, hiking and relaxing particularly in one of the many neighbouring mineral spas.

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Bulgaria’s Royal Palace

the royal palaceOn the outskirts of Varna, visible only from the sea, the 19th-century former summer residence of Bulgarian royalty lies tucked away behind small woodland on the main coast road. There is no pomp and ceremony here; no changing of guards or viewing areas; the palace entrance from the main road can be recognised by a barrier and a couple of soldiers. Yet the palace itself is incredibly beautiful, built as a near replica to the right hand wing of France’s Chateau de Saint-Cloud it is equally worthy of a place as one of Bulgaria’s most aesthetic monuments.

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Varna - Things to do and see

things to do in varnaVarna Archaeological Museum is home to the oldest cache of gold in the world! Archaeologists discovered the gold by accident and excavated it in 1972. It dates back to 4600-4200 BC and occupies three separate exhibition halls. My favourite piece is a skeleton adorned in gold jewellery. The museum itself is in a magnificent building, designed by the Bulgarian architect Petko Momchilov.

There are lots of interesting exhibits on show, which portray the ancient Thracian culture. The museum has a rich collection of tombstones and a collection of icons including some masterpieces of iconic painting from the National Revival period in North Eastern Bulgaria.

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