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A Break In Plovdiv


plovdivcityPlovdiv has much to offer in the way of sightseeing and cultural pursuits. There are over 200 archaeological sites and 30 of them are of national importance. Well worth visiting is the spectacular and well preserved Roman Amphitheatre, which lies in the Old Town and still hosts a variety of open air concerts, plays and operas.

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Vratsa-Bulgaria's Colorado

centreImagine tall snow capped mountain peaks, lush green forests that fill the air with the scent of pine and the tinkle of the river as it calmly weaves its way through the town centre, this is not Colorado, USA, this is Vratsa, one of the most scenic cities in Bulgaria.

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Pet Passports - Travelling With Your Pets


dogincarMaking the decision to leave the UK is sometimes difficult when you associate it with saying goodbye to friends and family and many people cannot bear the thought of leaving their favoured family pet behind, however the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) now enables those who wish to emigrate from the UK to take their beloved pets with them. The scheme means that pets are no longer faced with long periods of quarantine and you can simply move your pet, family and furniture all in one go.

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A Summer Break In Bansko

banskotownBansko has a diverse arrangement of traditional folklore festivals and cultural events. This is a town, which enjoys a celebration and commemorates events such as the start of the winter and summer tourist seasons, announced with the solemn ringing of the bells and singing of traditional songs. Coinciding with the opening of the summer season in May is the Festival Among Three Mountains, this magnificent display of dance and song and authentic folklore also encompasses an exhibition of local arts and crafts.

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Driving Tips For Winter

slidingjeepQuest has put together some helpful tips for driving in the snow and ice in Bulgaria remember the snow can fall quickly and heavy at any time so don't get caught out. Cars can get caught quickly in severe weather conditions.

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Hidden Ski Resorts In Bulgaria

skiingThis year most ski and snowboard lovers are on a budget and looking for new places.

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A Winter Day Out

The cool10 days out in winterer but still sunny Bulgarian winter days are upon us and a perfect time for day trips and sight-seeing. Here are 10 of the best days out in Bulgaria so have fun exploring!

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Bulgarian Tourism-Not just Sea and Ski

river danubeBulgaria has a reputation of being an inexpensive sea and ski holiday destination offering to most, a better value holiday compared to that of other E.U countries.

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Autumn Entertainment in Sofia

concertinsofiaMusic lovers have the opportunity to be in the presence of some great performers this Autumn in Bulgaria`s capital city Sofia.

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