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Exploring Koprivshtitsa

bulgaria's best museum townWith so many historical monuments and such beautiful scenery Koprivshtitsa is a firm favourite on the tourist map. There is much to see and do here. A number of renowned Bulgarians were born here. Their homes have been preserved as museum houses and six of these can be visited on a wander through its cobbled streets. Many of the lovely old houses are now small, family-run hotels and restaurants serving traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Every five years Koprivshtitsa is home to a large international folk festivals in the Balkan region. Wandering through the quaint cobbled streets of this time transports you back in time because more or less every street and house is in some way connected with the town's rebel past where many great Bulgarians were born or commanded their organisations in the plight to free Bulgaria.

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Beyond Haskovo

dimitrovgradHaskovo in southern Bulgaria offers a world of beautiful scenery and historic treasures. Any stay here should incorporate a visit to some of the neighbouring towns and villages to see some of the amazing historic sites on offer and to soak up the beautiful mountain scenery; the undulating plains of south eastern Bulgaria and the imposing Rhodope and Stara Planina Mountain ranges. There are also plenty of opportunities for rest and recreation with the Mineralni Bani village of mineral springs 18 km to the west of the town and a number of scenic reservoirs near the town of Harmanlii. Those looking for a more cultural experience should include the Royal Tomb located at the Sborianovo Archaeology Complex where you can see a total of 102 tombs and the remains of ancient civilizations.

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The Ancient Village of Arbanassi

views of the village of arbanassiDuring the summer this quaint village near Veliko Turnovo is alive with Americans, Japanese, English, French and other tourists strolling through the narrow cobble streets and trying to peer over the high garden walls which surround the 200 year old houses. For those who love authentic old Bulgaria and adore Bulgarian cuisine, then Arbanassi has to be on the "must see" list. Local dishes and original architecture abound.

Arbanassi is set in the rolling hills of Stara Planina mountain range and is one of the most visited places in Bulgaria.

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Wines from the Danube

wine aged in barrelsVinprom Rousse, established in 1948, is a modern Bulgarian winery, located in the north viticultural region, on the bank of the river Danube. Established in 1948, as a part of the state spirit monopoly, the winery was privatised in 1998 by the American company Seabord Corporation. Vinprom Rousse AD merged with Domaine Boyar AD and became part of the newly established holding ‘Boyar Estates’.

In October 2003 the shares of the winery in Rousse were sold to a new foreign investor - the Cyprus company ‘Vandemio’.

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Mini Break in Haskovo

Haskovo, well worth the visitHaskovo, a town rich in Renaissance architecture and spectacular scenery has a rich historic and cultural heritage. There are many things to see and do here, yet little is mentioned on the pages of guide books and tour brochures to sing the praises of this unique area. Close to the Greek and Turkish borders, Haskovo makes a great stop-over for those intending to journey across the border, however, the town in its own right has much to see and do for travelers of all ages and tastes.

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Village Tour, South West Bulgaria

pretty melnik bulgariaNumerous pretty villages are scattered around south east Bulgaria in the areas around Sandanski and Melnik. Quest Bulgaria takes a tour out and about in this fascinating region.

Gotse Delchev - Situated along the banks in the pretty valley of the Mesta River, this town bears the name of the legendary ideologist and leader of the Bulgarians from Macedonia in their struggle against Ottoman domination.

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Discovering Kovachevitsa and its Surrounding Area

bulgaria's holywoodThe architecture tale of stone and wood representing the best of the Revival age is displayed in all its glory in the protected museum town of Kovachevitsa.  The Kovachevitsa Architecture and Construction School also influenced the architectural design of the neighbouring villages and some of these are also under protection orders. The environs around the village also offer some arresting scenery with impressive canyons, a crystal clear river, marvelous waterfalls and thick forests. Fishing in the Kanina River is a popular sport due to its abundance of trout.

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Exploring Shumen

shumen centreAt first sight Shumen looks no more than a mass of concrete ex Communist buildings, however the town has much in the way of historical sites. Within the city there are several important cultural institutions including a theatre, philharmonic orchestra, a large library, art galleries and a splendid historical museum with many modern-day exhibitions.

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Ski Pamporovo

super skiing in pamporovoLocated in the heart of the western Rhodope Mountains in the Perelik range, Pamporovo is a purpose-built ski resort renowned as the sunniest mountain resort in Bulgaria. It is also one of the furthest south ski resorts in Europe and its close proximity to the Aegean Sea means that it has a unique climate with mild winters and around 120 sunny days during the skiing period alone and the surrounding mountain peaks, which envelop the resort protect it from harsh winds and preserve the snow cover on the northern slopes of the Snezhanka and Murgavetz peaks. Pamporovo lies at an altitude of 1,650 m. with its highest peak the Snezhanka topping 1,926 m. It is 240 km from Sofia, 16 km from Smolyan, 12 km from Chepelare, 35 km from Devin and 85 km from Plovdiv, which has the nearest international airport. Regular buses run to each of these towns.

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Flights - is Cheap Cheerful

cheap flights to bulgariaAs any regular visitor to this site will be aware, we have often highlighted the differences between traditional airlines and their new breed of Low Cost rivals - here’s an update. Differences would include perceived levels of service, cost model and flight network. We have also stated repeatedly that for Low Cost airlines to continue to expand and evolve, they will gradually need to move away from their original framework and explore avenues that will facilitate expansion. It is therefore interesting to hear that leading Low Cost carrier easyJet have flights to Marrakesh, Rijeka and Istanbul, with the promise that they are looking at other non EU destinations.

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