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Tours around Borovets

much to see and doIt’s not just the skiing that attracts hoards of visitors to bustling Borovets. The resort is rapidly establishing itself as a year-round resort with plenty of opportunities for a variety of sport and recreation from hunting, climbing, hiking and fishing to sightseeing some of Bulgaria’s most amazing cultural wonders, which are best appreciated when the weather is warm and the air fresh. Borovets, with its luxury hotels and self catering apartments, abundance of bars and restaurants makes a great base from which to experience these delights.

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Bulgaria’s Undiscovered Ski Resorts


mountain maniaBulgarian ski resorts have seen a great deal of investment in their infrastructure and facilities of late; indeed the country’s top three resorts, Borovets, Pamporovo and Bansko actively compete with traditional Western ski resorts for business and have seen the growth in tourists double in the last five years. Yet Bulgaria still has many undiscovered ski spots lurking in quiet nooks of its impressive mountain ranges. As tourism develops and investment continues to increase it is likely that some of these ski gems will be further developed to offer a greater range of ski pistes and tourist facilities. Quest Bulgaria takes a look at some of Bulgaria’s lesser known ski havens.

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Paris to Sofia on the Orient Express

All aboard the Orient Express!Author of the complete language course in our Member Area, Catherine Billebeau, gives us an insight into the the world's most famous train. Step back into the past and approach the magic of one of the most famous trains in the world - The Orient Express. The famous name can still be read in gold letters on the flanks of its revered navy blue carriages.

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Ancient Treasures and Treasure Hunters

archaeologically richBulgaria has been inhabited and ruled by many prestigious dynasties from the Roman and Byzantine Empires to the Ottomans. Over the last century hundreds of valuable archaeological finds of great historic significance have been found here, in fact it is not unusual to see recreational divers pulling Roman amphoras from the sea as though they were common shells.

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Missing the Plot

infrastructure means good roadsPart of the key to economic success is infrastructure. Included in this one would invariably include road infrastructure. It was always a source of amazement that the one road any rational government here in Bulgaria would ensure was in tip top condition was the road leading from Sofia Airport to the city centre, but it is not.

The fact that for over a decade it appeared to be an exaggerated cart track with pot holes the size of bomb craters did not give the first time visitor the best first impression of the country.

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Forget Cheap Please!

Take a look through any of the internet forums concerning Bulgaria and the word ‘cheap’ seems to appear with monotonous regularity ... be it property, cost of living or of course, flights! Cheap FlightsMark Thomas of Jam Advice investigates why cheap seems to be used in just about every context. From property being described as ‘cheap,’ which translates into the politically correct terminology of meaning that property offers ‘value for money’.

The word cheap also appears when people describe their perception of the Bulgarian cost of living, which if the authors are comparing Bulgaria with the UK, then its fairly obvious Bulgaria offers a cheap aka ‘value for money cost of living’.


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Taking a vehicle out of the UK

Taking your car to BulgariaMany people emigrating from the UK decide that the country’s low resale value on second hand cars does not warrant them selling their prize possession for a pittance and many decide to take their motor with them to their new life abroad. Here we investigate the rules and regulations, which will affect you when you take your car out of the country. If driving your much loved jalopy to Bulgaria and leaving it there permanently is an option for you then you must notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) about the vehicle's export. Permanent export is deemed as a period where the vehicle is out of the country for over 12 months. The first thing to do is to fill out and send off section C on your vehicle’s registration document (V5) noting the intended date of export. On receipt of the registration document, the DVLA will send you a certificate of permanent export (V561) as confirmation of your vehicle's registration.

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Exploring Around Kotel

Kotel museum of weavingKotel is the only town in Bulgaria on the longest mountain route in the country. The popular Kom – Emine tourist trail starts at Mount Kom near the border with Serbia and runs along the ridge of the Balkan Mountains to Cape Emine on the Black Sea coast. It provides some fantastic walking and hiking routes with some panoramic views.

Kotel is not the only town in this area, which exudes a rich history although it is the largest. The neighbouring villages of Zheravna, Medven, Katounishte and Gradets are also historical reserves and are well worth visiting.

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Still Up in the Air

Low cost flights

After EU entry, there was a large increase in low cost airlines offering flights from within Bulgaria to a wide range of destinations. Previously, the country had prohibited access to low cost airlines in an effort to strengthen the national flag carrier, Bulgaria Air. However, eight low cost carriers now offer flights from Bulgaria, but sadly only two, easyJet and Wizz Air offer cheap flights to the UK .

Capital Transfers - Links to and from the UK (outside London-Sofia) can be costly, requiring long drives down South, which incur parking and petrol fees and often even overnight hotel charges.

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Day Trip to Sliven Bulgaria

Sliven Municipality BuildingSliven, Bulgaria offers a wealth of cultural and historic sights for those who wish to immerse themselves in Bulgarian culture and history. If you prefer to enjoy the town's recreation and sport's facilities then visit the golf course or try a healing therapy at the Mineral Spa.

The centre of the town is pedestrianised with wide boulevards lined with cafes and restaurants with a huge park for sitting in the dappled shade of the trees.

The Old Elm

A huge smooth-leaved elm tree stands proudly in the centre of the city.

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