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Car Hire Bulgaria - How to Tips

carhirebulgariaThousands of tourists every year choose to visit Bulgaria with the intention of touring the country and taking in its amazing sites. If you want to travel via car hire, Bulgaria has some very attractive options.

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Seven Rila Lakes Bulgaria

seven rila lakes bulgariaThe striking Seven Rila Lakes in Bulgaria are a collection of glacial lakes, and can be found in the stunning Rila Mountains, in the north west of the country. The lakes are a major tourist attraction, and attract thousands of visitors to the area every year. They are located some 2 100 to 2 500 metres above sea level. The lakes each have their own individual characteristic features, and are named according to this.

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Attractions in Bulgaria

attractions in bulgariaThere are many attractions in Bulgaria, and it is very difficult to recommend what you should see, as there is simply so much to see in a country with archaeological, cultural and natural sights.

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Bourgas Airport

bourgas airportBourgas airport is the second largest airport in Bulgaria and also recognised as Sarafovo airport, and located in the picturesque bay on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea. The airport is well positioned for travel along the south Black sea coast, and only 10 km from the beautiful city of Bourgas, a city that ranks second among the regions of Bulgaria because of its well developed industry.

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How to Choose the Right Hotel

how to choose the right hotelHere are our tips on how to choose the right hotel to suit your appropriate needs. When selecting a hotel you will have various choices to face, and sifting through the options to ensure you opt for the best hotel to suit you and your travel companions can be a challenge.

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Golden Sands - Bulgaria

golden sands bulgariaGolden Sands is Bulgaria’s largest tourist resort along the Northern Black Sea coast and merges with the St. Konstantin, Elena and Riviera resorts. It is located 19 km north east of Varna and 490 km east of Sofia.

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World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria

world heritage sites in bulgariaThere are nine UNESCO World Heritage sites in Bulgaria, seven of which are cultural and two are natural landmarks. The Bulgarians are very proud of their contribution to the world's heritage and there are now many tour operators with organised tours to these ancient sites. Those travellers who would like to get a deep understanding of this wonderful country with its extraordinary contrasts might like to take a tour around the UNESCO sites. Mix in plenty of time for personal explorations to get a good insight into Bulgarian history, culture and life - and you'll have a holiday to be treasured.

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30% Increase of British Tourists Visit Bulgaria this Year!

your-holiday-in-bulgaria-beachBulgaria is becoming a more popular destination for British holiday makers. Research shows that prices in Bulgaria are on average 25 % cheaper than of other popular destinations like Spain, Portugal, and many more. Prices in 4 star hotels start from just 10 pounds per person, and you can choose from a huge range of accommodation from luxury resorts to self-catering apartments, all of them offer great value for money.


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Bird Watching in Inland Bulgaria

bird heaven - bulgariaBulgaria is truly a bird watching paradise. People who never considered themselves as twitchers have suddenly been intrigued by the variety of garden birds and suddenly find themselves purchasing a book on birds so that they can at least identify what is in their garden. This then leads to a search for rarer species with day trips to nearby wetlands, which can be combined with a meal at a local restaurant or a visit to a nearby historical site. Quest Bulgaria provides some more places for both dedicated and amateur bird watchers to visit...

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The Vitosha Mountain

One of the most vitoshasignificant landmarks in Sofia is the view of the Vitosha Mountain in the background. Its close proximity to the city's centre means that visitors can enjoy a morning of cultural delights then take a short bus ride to exercise their bodies and minds on Bulgaria's most visited mountain.

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