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Black Sea Coast: Nessebur and Bourgas

nessebur black sea coast bulgariaThe two largest towns on the southern Black Sea coast are Nessebur and Burgas. Both have their own attractions and are well worth a visit.


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Kabiyuk, Kingdom of the Horse

for all horse loversIf you have a passion for horses, then a visit to Kabiyuk, the largest horse stud in the Balkans, is a must. With an air of provincial elegance, it is also a great day out for the whole family and some 20,000 tourists visit the stud farm annually.

The stud is situated 17km from Shoumen, which is in north eastern Bulgaria. On sleepy, deserted meadows south of the Danube, you'll find hundreds of galloping horses.

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Museum Town Zheravna Folklore Festival

zheravnaFor those living in Bulgaria, or visiting within the next week, it will be well worth while visiting the famous Museum Town of Zheravna. A unique festival of folklore costumes will be taking place on the 17, 18 and 19 August 2012. Performers from all over Bulgaria will be demonstrating their skills and talents in this traditional village, and recreating the ambience of the original folklore festivals.

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Exploring Obzor and its Environs

awesome ObzorObzor is a small town, which lies on a bay in the middle of the Black Sea coast offers some of the best beaches in Bulgaria. There are water sports galore from jet skiing to parasailing and for those seeking relaxation there are plenty of beach-based massage tables, cafes and lively hotels on the front, whilst towards the end of the beach there is a lovely park with fountains, waterfalls, bridges and palm trees. During the summer season there are a variety of cultural and music festivals where famous Bulgarian actors participate. One of the highlights of the season occurs at the beginning of August with the “Rockers Get-Together,” a music festival and biker meet, where hundreds of motorcyclists from all over the country gather together.

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Cutting the Ties of the Past

living with a new cultureWhilst living in Bulgaria, many expats gain a wider sense of cultures which exist outside their home country. However, many try to compare their own experiences in Bulgaria with those in their home land but so much in another country is not possible to compare. Thousands move every year to other countries or other continents to experience expat life. At the same time they don't want to cut all ties and try to stay connected with the way they lived back home.

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Sights and Delights of Sofia

the national theatreSofia is an exciting and vibrant capital with much to offer in the way of culture and entertainment. The city centre contains some delightful and impressive architecture with some classic Eastern European and Stalinist examples like the National History Museum and the Ivan Vazov Theatre.

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Europe’s Oldest Country

europe's oldest countryBulgaria is the only country in Europe to have kept the same name since 681 AD making it the oldest country on the Continent. It has a rich and ancient history and despite being conquered by numerous other Empire’s it has still retained its identity and Slavic culture. The First Bulgarian Empire played a key role in European politics and was one of the strongest military powers on the continent effectively defeating the Arabs in the siege of Constantinople in 717 and thus saving Europe from Muslim conquest.

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Are we there yet?

Bored in the carAnyone driving with children in the car will be fully aware of the impact of that simple question "are we there yet?".

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Marketing Alternative Tourism In Bulgaria

pirinlakeWhen travelling around Bulgaria it will immediately occur to everyone the massive potential this country has to market itself to foreign tourists seeking a more personal and invididual holiday with an authentic experience.

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Balchik And The Northern Coast

balchickpalaceBalchik is one of the prettiest towns on the Black Sea coast. It has developed from a sleepy port town into a sophisticated yacht port and today offers the perfect location for exploring the northern coast.

You can take in the breathtaking views from virtually anywhere in this town, but if you prefer to get close to the water's edge then take a stroll along the long promenade which stretches from the harbour to the palace. It is lined with good restaurants, cafes and bars and is traffic free during the summer months.


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