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Around Veliko Tarnovo

arbanassiStriking Veliko Tarnovo, rooted in years of ancient history and one time capital of Bulgaria lies in an area of outstanding beauty. Visitors to the area can take advantage of the wealth of historic towns and villages located in the area all of which provide some classic examples of Bulgaria's National Revival heritage. Quest Bulgaria takes a look at some of the best sites in the region.

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Bulgaria Best Bet for EU Holidays

self catering holidays best in bulgariaThe Telegraph recently reported on a survey by Holiday Rentals, confirming that holidaying in Bulgaria is excellent value for money and the cheapest self catering destination in Europe. The survey says that apart from the strong euro, living costs are what make the biggest 'dent in your budget'.


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Globetrotting Whelks

the rapana or whelkIn 1946 near Novorossiysk, Russia, a strange gastropod shellfish was found. This was the first case of Rapana Venosa (whelks) to be found in the Black Sea. It was carried most probably on a ship’s hull, from the Japanese Sea, in the form of ‘lay mats”. Each lay-mat of eggs contains in the region of 50 – 500 egg cases and each case may contain 200 – 1,000 eggs. Between 14 and 21 days later the pelagic larvae hatch and eventually settle on the bottom of the sea where they develop into hard-shelled snails.

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Shopping 'til you Drop: Spending in Sofia

mini break in sofiaA few years ago this article would have been no more than a blank page; however the growth in the number of retail outlets across Bulgaria has risen dramatically with malls springing up in every major town and a general up market trend in the new independent outlets setting up on the country’s main shopping boulevards. The worldwide growth in retail therapy has lead to many tourists planning their holidays and mini breaks around their love of shopping and with the increase in low cost flights to Sofia; the opportunities for a new retail experience have  Easy Access

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Exploring the Countryside beyond Smolyan

the magnificent rhodopean countrysideAny visit to the Rhodope Mountains would not be complete without a tour of the wonderful landscape beyond Smolyan. This is an area of incredible natural beauty with sheer rock faces, rolling mists, snowy peaks and the aromatic smell of pine that follows you wherever you go. This is an area where two ethnic communities, Orthodox Bulgarians and Muslim Bulgarians live side by side in relative harmony. The area is full of natural springs a legacy of the religious tradition here, that no traveller should go thirsty and road signs display a tap to alert you to the next spring.

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Scenic Smolyan

snowy smolyanThe journey through the scenic Rhodope Mountains takes its twists and turns passing tall jagged mountain peaks, incredible rock formations and tiny mountains springs. At times it feels like the road to nowhere, but when you make one final curve the town of Smolyan reveals itself amidst a spectacular backdrop of pine-covered peaks and towering rock formations. Sitting serenely in one of the most perfect Rhodopean settings, Smolyan is situated on a narrow gorge carved out by the River Cherna, which runs through the town centre effectively creating two perfect halves, with the hustle and bustle of this charming but rural centre on one side and the residential quarters on the other.  It is one of the highest towns in Bulgaria, at around 950 m above sea level, making the summers warm, sunny but thanks to gentle breezes, tolerable than summer in some of the towns at a lower altitude.

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Can't Ski, Don't Want To

bulgaria holidays for non skiersIf you don't ski, it'snow problem in Bulgaria. Many people would love a holiday in the fresh air of the mountains with all the lively apres-ski, shopping, relaxing in a spa, top notch accommodation, log fires and good food. Heading to the slopes but not so stable on your skis or simply just don't want to ski? The winter season is nearly over, but Bulgaria still has plenty on offer to keep you busy and attract you even if you don’t ski or board.

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Wedding Tourism

wedding tourism bulgariaVarna municipality are setting their sites on wedding tourism as a new niche area of tourism. Though one that is certainly popular around the globe it is a relatively new area of the tourism market in Bulgaria and becoming even more so within the country.

The thinking of some in the local tourism industry is clearly starting to be performed ‘outside of the usual box’, though it may be only a temporary rush of blood. 

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Long Term Golf View

golf property and tourism in bulgariaA recent commentary this week highlights the potential in Bulgaria for long term golfing tourism and golf property opportunities in the country. Many a person who does not practice the sport has said that golf is no more than a decent walk ruined, yet the truth remains that it is one of Europe's and indeed Bulgaria's fastest growing sports and property investment markets.

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Pound goes Further in Bargain Bulgaria

holidays in bulgaria 2009Christmas is long over and the New Year seen in; the credit card bills have landed on the doormat and there is nothing but horrible doom and gloom in the media. It is little wonder that many people are trying to escape from reality for a couple of weeks to get away from it all and leave their troubles behind by booking their 2009 holidays.

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