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Driving in Bulgaria Factfile - Registering Foreign Vehicle

Registering a foreign vehicle
. You are allowed to bring your car to Bulgaria and drive for up to six months, provided your vehicle has a minimum of third party insurance. However, most insurance companies will only insure your vehicle overseas for three months. In which case you will have to register the car in Bulgaria in order to obtain further insurance if you wish to continue driving your imported car in Bulgaria.
Again, you need to go to the local road traffic office to apply for registration.

Provided your car was bought in the EU/EEA and you have owned the vehicle for over six months, with more than 6,000 kms on the clock since purchase, you will not be required to pay import duty, providing you can provide proof of purchase to support this.

At KAT you will need the receipt of proof of purchase of the vehicle. Proof of identity and residents permit, together with a roadworthiness card and stamp, vehicle registration documents, receipts that you have paid vehicle taxes due in Bulgaria, proof of insurance. If your vehicle is right hand drive, you will need to have the headlights aligned for driving on the right side of the road. If your car is over ten years old, you will be required to pay an eco tax, the amount of which is dependent upon age of the vehicle. You will be able to then obtain Bulgarian plates. Bear in mind that after re-registration, you are not allowed to sell the vehicle for one year.

Insurance. You may insure your vehicle as third party, which is the minimum compulsory insurance, or opt for fully comprehensive. Proof of insurance must be carried at all times. Your insurance company will issue you with a sticker for your windscreeen, which must be displayed to demonstrate valid insurance. To obtain vehicle insurance you will need the registration documents, valid roadworthiness card, proof of your identity and, possibly, your address in Bulgaria.

In case of accident you will need to fill out a report form which you can get from the insurance company. Indeed, you should keep one of these with you in your car in case of such an unhappy event. It is to be completed by the party responsible for the accident and a copy supplied to the other driver(s). Both / all parties should sign the form in order for it to be valid. If you are involved in a serious accident, the forms will be completed by the police. This form should then be presented to your insurance company.

Useful information:
Bulgarian Traffic Police www.kat.mvr.bg
Eco Tax - eko taxa
roadworthiness certificate - talon za godishen teknicheski pregled
Vehicle Tax - Danak MPC
Registration Documents - registratsionen talon
Vignette - vinetka
In case of accident - dial 112