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UK Registered Cars in Bulgaria

A recent accident has brought to our attention that there are many UK registered cars which are kept and driven in Bulgaria by expats. Whilst these cars should be re-registered in Bulgaria by their owners who live here, a large number are not. We have seen numerous expats driving around in their UK registered cars without a care for what would happen in the case of an accident. This is mostly because they either can't be bothered with re-registration or think that local rules don't apply to them.

With second hand cars in Bulgaria maintaining their high prices, it is also a common occurrence for expats to go back to Britain or go to another western European country, buy a cheap vehicle and then bring it to Bulgaria. This means more UK and foreign registered vehicles on the roads.

Unfortunately, this has caught out one driver recently. The gentleman, who does not wish to be named, had an accident in his UK registered car. Fortunately neither he nor the other driver were injured or harmed. However, the two cars were in a bad way. The fault of the accident lay with the Briton. Now, he has been living in Bulgaria for a year and is still driving a UK registered car but, having been out of the UK for so long, the car did not have either UK road tax or MOT. He did however, have insurance for the car. The insurance company have totally refused to pay up as they claim the car was driven illegally. If it is a UK registered car, it must have UK road tax and MOT cert. In this instance, the insurer will not pay out a stotinki/penny for either of the two vehicles which were damaged in the accident. He is also facing a real predicament with the local police who are likely to prosecute him for driving illegally (without Bulgarian plates, vignette, insurance and road worthiness certificate).

If you are living in Bulgaria and driving around in a UK registered vehicle, then please make the effort and get it re-registered in this country right away. You are allowed to drive your UK registered vehicle here for six months provided you have minimum third party insurance. We know that queuing at KAT and the language barrier make this a 'right pain' but it is something you should do. At the same time get Bulgarian insurance which will really pay out in the case of an accident.