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Time for a Last Minute Break-on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

For anybody thinking of enjoying some last minute sunshine there is still time.

Bulgaria is offering some price cuts for great value holidays.

Bulgaria’s Black sea coastal resorts hotels are slashing prices of up to 20% for the last few weeks of the summer season. Various deals are to be had depending on what accommodation is available.

Bulgaria’s summer season is relatively short, from May to September, after which, many resorts wind down for the winter. So with only a few weeks to go, if you fancy a bargain break before winter, and soak up some last minute sunshine, take a look at what is on offer:

Bulgarian Black Sea has approx 400 km of coastline to explore. It has an extreme range of resorts from the peaceful untouched and secluded beaches with local bars that are relatively unspoilt for those looking for a peaceful break, to those seeking a busier livelier vacation with bustling commercial resorts with all the fun packed water parks, beach sports, western style restaurants and souvenir shops,also an abundance of hotels and nightclubs.

There is something to suit everyone along this diverse coastline.

Bulgaria has seen a better summer for tourism this year,partly due to the ever increasing popularity that it has with its neighbouring countries, and for many the coast is only a drive away because of its close proximity. It is an easy option for those wanting a summer break especially from countries that border Bulgaria such as Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. For the latter part of summer 2010 there has been a record number of Russian tourists enjoying what Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast has to offer.

Bulgaria with last minute reductions may be worth a thought for some September sunshine!