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Driving Tips For Winter

Quest has put together some helpful tips for driving in the snow and ice in Bulgaria remember the snow can fall quickly and heavy at any time so don't get caught out. Cars can get caught quickly in severe weather conditions.

Ensure the car is regularly serviced -with regular checks on battery and brakes, and regular checks on oil. Keep a good supply of anti freeze screen wash, that is suitable to Bulgaria's very low temperatures and fill reserves when needed.

Make sure window wipers are in good condition. In extreme cold temperatures they stick to the windscreen and become damaged. It is a good idea to leave them extended to prevent them sticking to the windscreen, when vehicle not in use.

Check that tyres are well inflated and have a good tread, winter tyres are a good option for driving in the snow but not law, however remember it is law from 1 November to 31 March to carry snow chains in Bulgaria.

Emergency Essentials

It is a good idea to keep some emergency items in the car before travelling any distance in Bulgaria including : Snow chains, Shovel, Blankets, Warm Coats, Snow boots, Torch, Ice scrapers, First aid kit, Mobile, food, water, Jump leads, and fine gravel/sand.
Travel tips

When driving in the snow try to stay on main roads where possible as if you break down or get stranded in the snow there is a higher chance of getting help. Roads will have been gritted and will likely to be clearer from other traffic use plus 24 hour petrol stations.

Rural roads in Bulgaria are often in poor condition with numerous potholes and few lights, limited petrol stations and less traffic, so a potential hazard if driving at night and in the event of a breakdown or getting stuck.

Avoid high revs and keep control of your speed -if you are driving too fast the car is likely to lose control, if your vehicle skids do not rev the car, remove foot of pedals and steer until control gained again. Keep the car in a low gear if driving downhill, and a higher gear when moving off.

In the event of becoming stranded in the snow if you have your emergency essentials for driving in winter, then they could make all the difference in helping keep warm until help arrives or you can dig yourself out of the snow and carry on with your journey.