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Varna - Things to do and see - Planetarium, Dolphins and the Beach



Within the park, there is an amazing open-air theatre, which hosts the Summer Arts and Music Festival. Events are run both night and day. This runs through June and July and includes classical, jazz and folk music, opera and ballet.


For the more serious, or interested, you can also visit the Nicolaus Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium, the Museum of Natural History and the Naval Museum, situated in the Villa Diana, which displays the Drazhki torpedo boat, responsible for the Bulgarian Navy’s only victory. A group of enthusiasts founded the museum in 1923 and initially it was housed in the Naval School. The museum, which is rarely open, displays a collection of marine guns and one of Bulgaria's first minesweepers.

Not forgetting children... There are many activities for children to enjoy, including a fun fair with bouncy castles and many rides, frequent play areas and plenty of cafes to occupy weary parents. At the far end of the park, there is a dolphinarium, which has regular performances throughout summer and one a day in winter. It is the only dolphinarium on the Balkan Peninsula. In 1992, a baby dolphin was born in the Dolphinarium demonstrating how much the mammals feel at home in their surroundings.

Inside the park, there is also an aquarium, which is interesting but is in need of restoration. My sons’ favourite area is the zoo, which houses amongst many other things, lions, a tiger, bears and a leopard. If you visit around three o’clock, you can watch the animals feeding. There is also a separate and rather unusual reptile house, where you can see a huge crocodile, many snakes and containers full of spiders and other interesting exhibits. The reptile zoo is more of an eccentric’s private collection, than an organised zoo and it is housed in a building which on entry makes you feel, strangely, as if you are walking into someone’s home.

The main boulevard is the National Revival Alley, which is decorated with bronze statues of prominent Bulgarians. The Cosmonauts’ Alley contains trees planted by Yuri Gagarin and other Soviet cosmonauts in the 1960s. The whole Garden is a national monument of landscape architecture.


From the Park you can walk directly down to Varna beach, where many locals swim and take a breather from city life basking in the sun. It's really amazing to find a city where you can be immersed in work one moment and then the other right on the beach!


There is also a warm sulphur spring believed to have healing properties and many older people bathe here throughout the entire year.


A string of beach clubs, cafes and restaurants over several kms offers a vibrant scene and lines the entire waterfront promenade.


Whether you want to simply relax or have fun, come and experience the charms and delights of Varna.