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Museum Town Zheravna Folklore Festival

For those living in Bulgaria, or visiting within the next week, it will be well worth while visiting the famous Museum Town of Zheravna. A unique festival of folklore costumes will be taking place on the 17, 18 and 19 August 2012. Performers from all over Bulgaria will be demonstrating their skills and talents in this traditional village, and recreating the ambience of the original folklore festivals.

One of the main aspects is that all the locals will be wearing customary Bulgarian costumes throughout the three days of the festival. There will be lots to do and see with music, dancing, singing and special handmade crafts available. In addition, a selection of homemade Bulgarian dishes including Lamb cooked on an open fire, vegetable salads and fresh bread, which will be served with red wine and rakia.

About Zheravna

The village of Zheravna (above) is spread over the southern slopes of two small hills. The village houses with their broad eves peak out behind high stone walls. This is the area of the Bulgarian revival. All the houses are modelled on the wooden type house prevalent in the entire region of the Eastern Balkan range. A characteristic feature is that all Zheravna houses, without exception, face south - with extensive facades and courtyard gardens.

The older houses are single storey and made entirely out of wood, later houses have two storeys with the ground floor built of stone and the second floor of wood. The facades have clear horizontal lines, emphasized by the forward brought-out second floor and the huge strongly jutting out eaves.