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Holiday in the Mountains

A holiday in the mountains is not everybody's cup of tea. However, it would seem as if more and more people are getting bored of beach holidays, and far more often they turn to the lakes and mountains when it comes to their summer excursion.

However, while a break on a beachfront on the Black Sea Coast may be simple to pack for (clothing, sandals, sun creams), there are just one or two more items that you should think about taking with you on your holiday in the mountains. These points should be of help to getting you started;


Due to the fact that mountain holiday destinations are usually located at high altitudes it is very important to protect one's self from the harsh effects of the sun.  Good quality high factor sun lotion or cream and a reputable pair of sun glasses is a good sensible place to start. For those who enjoy hiking or climbing then you must be aware of the reflective ability of the sun when visiting a glacier. Many people every year get caught out by thinking that that they may find shade only to discover that the sun can and will reflect from all points leaving some with burns in parts of their bodies which they could never have comprehended.

It's also worth considering using after sun upon return to your accommodation at the end of the day to help prevent further damage to the skin or peeling.


Be prepared for all weather fronts , the weather can be beautiful in the mountains with plenty of sun and warmth but this can change later in the day when many mountain resorts can experience heavy electrical storms. Carrying good quality rain proof clothing will help to keep you dry and prevent your day ending on a low.

Layer up; the weather during your holiday in the mountains will be a complete contrast to the beach resort that you visited last year. Mountain areas have several weather fronts and temperatures can vary significantly from top to bottom. Try using a chair lift or mountain car and you will notice the difference during the ride. Dressing with several layers will allow you to stay comfortable during your days and evenings.

Drink! Drink! Drink!

Warm sunny days can lead to dehydration if you don't drink enough so it is crucial to always carry a supply of fresh water, this can be in the form of a bottle or alternatively you can purchase a hydration pack.


Protecting your feet is important whilst walking in the mountains; accidents due to tripping slipping and falling are common and without the correct footwear can cause extreme pain and misery during and sometimes after your holiday in the mountains. For general hiking a good pair of safety boots, shoes or training shoes will suffice and ensure that no mishaps prevent you from enjoying yourself.


Ask your travel agent or tour operator about their choice of travel insurance and whether or not they include the services of mountain rescue. Receiving an injury on a mountain top can be serious and depending on your ability to walk could mean that the only option to get you off the mountain and on to hospital is via a helicopter with a mountain rescue team on board.

Taking a mountain vacation will provide an experience that you will never forget, but do understand the above tips, take all the necessary precautions and enjoy your holiday in the mountains!