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Holidays with Toddlers

Holidays with toddlers are the initial step to introducing your children to the world outside, and also a start of influential recollections for them.

Is Bulgaria for kids and if so and what should we think about to ensure a good holiday?

Despite what people think, holidays with toddlers and infants are some of the easiest for the duration of parenthood as long as they are planned out ahead. Babies at this age are perfectly content provided they are given their 'fundamental' comforts such as healthy food and drinks, clean nappies, and a dummy or their favorite cuddle toy. Given any means of transportation from on foot or by plane the younger they happen to be, the more they need to rest! So, allowing parents some valuable time to enjoy your travels yourself.

Parents must be prepared for slight upheaval and emergencies, nevertheless with a little compromise it still permits you to go on holiday. So why not give it a go? Here we have a few useful tips to help make your life easier when opting for holidays with toddlers.

Holidays with toddlers via flying can be daunting for new parents, but nowadays nonetheless very popular. But, it is very important that parents are properly prepared and have the best advice when they are traveling with their toddlers by plane:

1. Bring your children's vehicle seat it keeps them steady from air turbulence.

2. Pre book tickets as it can give you the choice of better seats preferably near the rest rooms.

3. Keep refreshments close at hand, flying is renowned to be dehydrating for kids. Always remember your toddlers' cup as it helps avoid stains and wet clothes. It can also aid ear pressure if your child is no longer using a dummy.

4. Expect ear pain from the change in altidtude, sipping a drink normally takes care of this problem. If there are not any changing tables, make use of the vacant seats.

5. Dress your kids in easy removable layers, changeability in temperatures are to be expected at airports along with inside the plane.

Holidays with toddlers by car is frequently thought by many to be easier, but unpredictable traffic queues and road works can require plenty of preperation in advance, when the car is in standstill and going nowhere fast!

Car travel with toddlers is easier than flying as there are no restrictions on luggage and allows freedom for regular stops. Still, that doesn't mean your kids won't get restless, tired, or carsick. Follow these tips to make your trip go as smoothly as possible:

1. Time it right and start your journey close to your child's naptime so they'll sleep for the most of the journey.

2. Keep them occupied with books and toys, or fun guessing games and rhymes.

3. Keep the windows shaded and if hot apply a sunscreen of SPF 15 or high

4. Don't forget the food and drink; bring their favourite treats to relieve   boredom or anxiousness.

5. Pack a small first aid kid, including pain reliever/fever reducer, allergy medication (if necessary), band-aids and other medicines your kids might need.

6. Pack plenty of clothes, nappies and wipes for babies and kids who haven't been potty trained.

Finally take the journey in your stride, relax and enjoy this precious time together with your children. Throughout the developement from baby to adult you will experience different phases and have to adjust. All families have to find the middle ground in life so dont let it spoil travel plans. Persuing holidays with toddlers from the start of their young lives will get them aquainted to travelling and open their minds to other cultures.