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How to Choose the Right Hotel

Here are our tips on how to choose the right hotel to suit your appropriate needs. When selecting a hotel you will have various choices to face, and sifting through the options to ensure you opt for the best hotel to suit you and your travel companions can be a challenge.



The first and most essential aspect on how to choose the right hotel is location. Depending on what purpose you require to book a hotel - for instance a business trip then you would want the hotel close to a town or city for easy travel links and amenities. On the other hand if it is for a holiday then being situated near to beaches, restaurants, shops, sports and tourist amenities is likely to be top of the agenda. It is worth considering medical services for both decisions.


Hotel facilities are also a priority to consider. If it is for a family holiday then extras such as a children’s club and swimming pool are going to be at the top of the list. Wi-Fi and business services are essential for business travel. Specific requirements for non smoking and accommodation that allows pets may also be important when it comes to booking a hotel room, so research to see if available.


For most people cost is also important, so search for travel deals; some hotels will match the price of a competitor to draw you away. Services including laundry, room service and added amenities tend to bump up the cost so think about what you need for your stay.


If you are on holiday and have everything within the hotel then transport may not be an important issue. For others consider - does the hotel provide airport transfers? Check if there is good public transport links such as bus, train or taxi services. If you are taking your own car or are hiring one then is there on site parking or nearby where you may be charged a fee? Bear in mind that some strict parking restrictions may also be in the vicinity and could result in fines!

Regular travellers should take into consideration when booking a hotel - travel points on loyalty schemes, eco friendliness, character, neighbourhood, room size and facilities.

Check Opinions

Nowadays it is easy for people to share their opinions and experiences of a holiday and accommodation when they return home. So for those considering where to stay it is much easier nowadays to find out good and bad reviews about a hotel from being able to check out opinions through the internet via social media, forums and travel sites. A lengthy list of bad reports may suggest that this may not be a good place to stay. However, when deciding on how to choose the right hotel, some people’s complaints may not be the same for you; for instance noisy children may not be a problem for others.