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Car Hire Bulgaria - How to Tips

Thousands of tourists every year choose to visit Bulgaria with the intention of touring the country and taking in its amazing sites. If you want to travel via car hire, Bulgaria has some very attractive options.


Before taking your trip you should dedicate some of your time into carefully planning your schedule. One important point is to make sure that you choose the best vehicle for the terrain that you intend to drive on.
To reach all areas of Bulgaria, car hire could be in the form of a 4X4 vehicle. This is highly recommended even if you are not thinking of going "off-road" because many of Bulgaria's roads are in poor condition and driving on them can be difficult in some areas.

Much of Bulgaria is covered by mountains and therefore another good reason to choose a 4X4.
Night driving should involve caution from the driver and maintaining a slower speed than daytime driving is a sensible choice. Bulgarian roads have lots of potholes and if you are not familiar with the roads you are using, hitting a pothole could prove lethal.

Car Hire in Bulgaria – The Law

For car hire Bulgaria insists that the driver must be a minimum of 21 years old and have held a drivers license for at least 12 months. You should carry your license and the car hire paperwork in your vehicle with you at all times in case you are stopped by the Police. Under a recent change in driving law, the Police cannot demand a driver to stop his vehicle without good reason, speeding or dangerous driving etc are sufficient reasons to do so. If you are issued with a fine for breaking a traffic law, you should under no circumstances pay a Police officer if he asks for payment "on the spot". Offering a bribe to a police officer could wind you up in jail so don't do it!

Choosing a Car Hire Company

Sourcing a good established car hire company in Bulgaria is one of the most important points to consider. Only select the ones that you know of already or others that have been recommended to you. Hertz, Rent-a-Car and Avis are some of the most trustworthy. Choosing a backstreet company who do not look efficient, even if they promise to be the cheapest, could leave you driving a vehicle which is poorly maintained, dangerous and illegal.

What Should You Pay?

In Bulgaria, car hire is considered to be cheap and it offers a wide range of vehicles that you would expect from most European car hire companies. An example of what you could expect to pay on a daily basis is this:
Small car (2-3 people) 7-8 Euros.
Small family car (up to 5 people) 12 Euros - 18
Medium family car (18 – 28 Euros)
Suzuki Jimny (4X4) or similar (25 Euros)
Large luxury car, Mercedes etc (60 Euros)

These are average approximate rates for vehicle hire from the some of the best known companies.

How to Book

Now you've decided to go ahead with your tour of Bulgaria, it's time to book. These days, thanks to the internet, reserving your vehicle is simple. Just go online and you'll find a large choice of car hire companies. Just make sure that they have Bulgaria in their vehicle location option and the rest is easy.

To assist you even further, take a look at Bulgaria Airport Car Rental 

Now go ahead and take in what this beautiful country has to offer, and DRIVE SAFELY!