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Arapia - A Picturesque Natural Bay

Arapia is located in a picturesque natural bay on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Situated between Tsarevo and Lozenets.

In the summer Arapia attracts thousands of tourists fascinated by the beautiful nature , clean sea and beach , combined with the wonderful coastline of forests , islets and rocks. Arapia has built infrastructure and offers an excellent holiday . For lovers of water sports Arapia is ideal for surfing, scuba diving and fishing . Near Arapya are three national nature reserves to discover in estuaries Ropotamo, Veleka and Rezovska .


Arapia is one of the most - beautiful and picturesque places in the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The beautiful bay , the beach and the mountains create a wonderful combination . During your holidays you can take advantage of surfing and the diving school. Amateur fishing among most tourists is extremely popular. During the season there is accomodation available, shops, restaurants and conveniences.

Campsite Arabs is located 3 km from Tsarevo and Lozenets , 70km from Bourgas. Near the Natural Park "Strandja "  and appears on a tourist map in the 60s of last century. Pine and deciduous forests along the bay provide at least an adequate ground for dissolution through camp

Beach camping Arapia is located in the sea lagoon and offers very good conditions for practicing water sports. Arapia locality is known as a paradise for surfers Bulgarian , but is also suitable for sailing , sea fishing and diving. Nearby are three national nature reserves in estuaries Ropotamo Veleka Rezovska .

If you have not decided yet where to relax in the summer, we can only remind you Arapya beach is divided into two a small beach is located in the northern part of the bay and a large beach, situated in the southern part of the bay. It is a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the Black Sea coast.