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Harta Litoral Bulgaria

Harta Litoral Bulgaria is a very old term originally taken from the Romanian language. It actually means "coastal map of Bulgaria".

Bulgaria's only coastal waterway is the Black Sea and it stretches along its 378 kilometers from Durankulak in the very north and close to the Romanian border to Sinemorec in the deep south near to the Turkish border.

Touring the Black Sea coast will guarantee a trip full of beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife and flora, no matter what time of year you choose to go. The climate varies between the north coast and the south where winters tend to be milder in the south with very little or no snow. Being north of the Stara Planina mountain range, the north coast tends to have colder winters with considerably more snow. Don't however let the snow deter you from taking a winter break on the north coast, the site of snow on the Black Sea is an unforgettable site.

Before planning your trip, make sure you have a detailed Harta Litoral Bulgaria or Bulgaria Road Atlas (with Detailed Coast Line) (Country Atlas)   This is much better than GPS at the moment especially if there are road works or if you intend to stray from the beaten track.

Getting There

Fortunately there are flights to both the north and south coast of Bulgaria which run all year round. Wizzair, a Hungarian airline has scheduled flights to Varna airport in the north and Burgas in the south. From either airport you will be just minutes away from some of the coastal resorts.
Do your research as to accommodation as some hotels within the resorts will not be open outside of the peak summer holiday season, may to early October.

Burgas Salt Lake City

Burgas has many great salt lakes which have an abundance of bird species, many being very rare. The salt lakes are accessible all year round and are a great alternative if you want to try somewhere other than the sea.

The Sea Gardens

Both Burgas and Varna have a sea garden. The sea gardens take a long stretch along the city coastline and provide a fantastic getaway for peace and quiet. There you will find several bars and restaurants including concert arenas and various forms of entertainment according to the time of year.
Whatever you choose be sure to take your Harta Litoral Bulgaria and you'll be guaranteed not to miss the best of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.Coming Soon...