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Kavatsite is a Bulgarian holiday region and is located on the south Black sea coast 4km south of Sozopol.

It is situated in a calm inlet, surrounded by the capes St. Messiah and Agalina. The area has a lot of spectacular nature – incredible panorama, wide beach, warm and crystal clear water and gently sloping sandy sea bottom. The village has hotels, comfortable family villas and a number of bars and eateries.

Bulgaria's south coast has excellent transport links with Burgas airport, Burgas sea port, and bus and train services. Car rental is also readily available to explore the beautiful Black sea coast.

Kavatsite bay is located 3 kilometers south of the ancient town of Sozopol. Used for port in antiquity by the polis of Apollonia for security level from northwest winds through Cape "St. Messiah" cape "St. Angelina ". At the bottom of the bay are the remains of shipwrecks, tools, jewelry and pottery showing the economic activity of the region in this time?

The name is derived from the word "Kavak" which in Turkish means poplar, and is so named because poplars (a fast growing forest tree) that grows in the area.

Protected Area

Sand dunes in the area of Kavatsite were declared a protected area of ' landmark ' (PTO) in 1985. The main area of protection here are rare Pontic white dunes and their distinctive vegetation. These types of sand dunes are a habitat of high conservation significance. It is a extremely problematic protected area that is virtually unguarded, however fines are given for unauthorized camping and the destruction of the unique dunes and vegetation.

The unique reserve "Sea daffodil" is a remarkable landmark in the Kavatsite complex. The place is among the few spots in Bulgaria where the rare plant grows.

The dunes are located with temporary beach bars. The absurdity is that even at its launch in 1985 as a protected area it includes part of the area of the existing campsites. On a number of occasions it has rejected foremost demands of reducing the area of the protected area. Amendments of lands in what is called PTO "Real terms ", introduced in the late 90s are the other major threat to destroy this unique natural heritage.


Kavatsite is a camping area with the same name in the Bourgas region, 3 km south of Sozopol. The wide and sandy beach borders the forest and is also a nudist beach. Camping Kavatsite is located at the south part of the beach and has a number of bungalows and places for more than 200 tents and 60 caravans. If you are a lover of water sports you can hire pedal boats, surfboards or take advantage of the services recommended by the yachting and diving club, which operates close to the camping area.

Two other famous camping areas "Veselie" and "Smokinya" are located not far from Kavatsite and an area that stretches over a grassy terrainoverlooking a fine sandy beach.

The area is suitable for those seeking an away from it all summer holiday. It has amazing scenic surrounding and a great location to explore other impressive Bulgarian tourist hot spots.

Kavatsite is a picturesque area and offers a relaxing Bulgarian summer vacation for those wanting to avoid the crowds.