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Seeing the Sights of Shabla

Shabla is located 80 km from the North Bulgarian Black sea capital city of Varna, and 25 km from the Romanian border. The actual town is not located along the coast, but that doesn't mean it is not worth discovering. The town has one of the oldest working lighthouses on the Balkan Peninsula. The lighthouse sits on Cape Shabla which is located at the most eastern point of Bulgaria. The area of Shabla has also hot mineral water with high sulphur content. The coast around the area has a number of sunken vessels and submarines from World War ll. The town is thought to have originally been an ancient Thracian settlement and later a Roman town called Karia.


It is a scenic and natural area of Bulgaria, and is a particularly popular diving location and bird watching area. Nearby to Shabla is a marina that where the annual Black Sea Regatta yachting begins. A few kilometers from Shabla is the appealing Shabla Lake that was declared a protected area in 1979. There is actually 2 lakes under this name in Shabla and Ezerets and are linked by an artificial canal. A strip of sand separated both of the lakes from the sea. These lakes along with Durankulak Lake 15 km north of Shabla are important areas of wetlands in Bulgaria with rare plants seldom seen anywhere else. This geographical area is also a significant to birds. During the autumn and winter threatened species from around the globe can be seen. More than 70 species are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria. The protected area is important for the preservation of the otter.

Approximately 2 km southeast of Shabla is the Shabla Tuzla a salt coastal lake divided by the sea by high sand dunes. It has important and unique ecological features where flora and fauna thrive. Endangered and rare plants and 41 species of nesting birds can also be found here. The floor of the lake is covered in hydrogen sulfide ooze, used for mud treatment.

The quaint Bulgarian resort of Shabla offers visitors an outstanding environment for rural, ecological, therapeutic, cultural, fishing and hunting tourism. Shabla is perhaps one of the least built up resorts along the Bulgarian Black sea coast. The beach and sea close by to the town are quiet and has few amenities, so ensure you go equipped because you won't find many facilities. It is one of the few resorts in Bulgaria that is not over run with resort hotels, bars and restaurants. But don't panic there is still adequate accommodation available in the region.

The area has a good choice of accommodation to suit all travelers and budgets, with apartments, villas, bed and breakfasts and hotels to choose from. The area offers excellent value for money with prices for basic accommodation from an affordable 20 BGN per night in low season. It is a great place for those seeking a peaceful summer vacation. For nature enthusiast there is lots to discover in the untouched dramatic surrounding. Shabla and its vicinity is an interesting area to discover if you are looking for a relaxing and scenic break.