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Sejur Bulgaria: A Holiday Paradise for Romanians

The summer holiday season will arrive before we are prepared for it and for many Romanian tourists this year will as they say sejur Bulgaria (stay in Bulgaria). They will visit Bulgaria to experience a holiday like never before.

Record numbers of Romanians are expected to populate the many popular Black Sea resorts in particular Golden Sands due to the fact that it is the closest major Bulgarian coastal resort to their country. Sunny Beach in the Burgas region is thought to be the second choice.


If you want a truly unique adventure then Bulgaria is the place for you. Bulgaria has many warm beaches as well as ski slopes with every environment between. You can book your stay in a ski lodge for a few days and then visit the coast for some sand, sun, an surf; granted these are not tropical climates but walking along the beach is very enjoyable along the Black sea. The culture and majesty of this country comes from the rich combination of Slavic as well as European cultures. The people are friendly and very old fashioned. The most commonly spoken languages are Roma and Turkish but the national language is Bulgarian. Sophia is the capitol and sports many attractions such as St. Sofia Church, St. George Rotunda, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and National Ethnographic Museum.

Hand shaking is the standard greeting. When answering yes and no questions try to speak the word because in Bulgaria, as with more European countries, a nod means no and a shake means yes. When visiting a small gift is expected, a gift from your home country is most appreciated but any gift will suffice. Dress is casual and very conservative, so don't wear your bathing suit on the way to the beach and keep yourself covered very modestly. Smoking is allowed in public but keep your trash from becoming litter by disposing of butts in the proper receptacles. Many restaurants offer a smoking section but more and more and becoming like the United States and not allowing smoking at all.

The easiest way to travel is Bulgaria is by train. The trains leave hourly from all major cities and arrive very quickly. Many trains also run internationally if you planned to tour other countries as well. The traffic is not extreme but with the landscape it is important that you know how to drive your vehicle in all kinds of weather, from a torrential rain to a blizzard on the hills. Bus is the easiest way to get around the city but taxi service is just as much money and offers more freedom of travel. Depending on your city and destination you should plan for a mix of both taxi and bus travel.

Items allowed in and out of the country is limited; check with local customs for exact amounts but almost everything is levied except tobacco and less than 120 proof alcohol. Items that are strictly prohibited are un-canned goods, meat or dairy products, Narcotics, firearms and other deadly weapons, pornography, plants, endangered species and fireworks. Keep these cultural tips in mind for a wonderful visit.